Brunch with American Girl Isabelle Author Laurence Yep


My daughter is a huge American Girl fan. And I must say as her mom, I am too. I love that the brand is focused on empowering our girls with both knowledge and self esteem by sharing stories of other girls. Since her first trip to American Girl back in 2011 when she was 7, she has amassed quite a collection of AG Dolls—10 to be exact. And with the dolls come the books of the characters, which she also loves to read (and I also love because it encourages her to read).

Recently, we got the opportunity to attend an American Girl event here in the Chesterfield, Missouri store. It was a brunch with the author of the American Girl of the Year, Isabelle, and during the event, we got to ask the author questions, pick his brain, and find out some behind the scenes details about the character and how he comes up with storylines.

We ate brunch, met some new friends (one mom and daughter flew all the way from Atlanta for the brunch), and of course got some writing pointers from Laurence Yep. He is also a Newberry Medal author for Dragonwings, and has over 10 titles to his credit. What an awesome opportunity to meet him and learn some of his writing tricks.

Below are a few pictures from our wonderful brunch with Laurence Yep. It is something that The Chicklet and I will remember for a long time to come.

American Girl Chesterfield Missouri

Waiting outside for the American Girl store to open so we can meet Laurence Yep and have brunch

American Girl St. Louis

Her favorite place, of course

Author Laurence Yep

Not only did she meet Laurnce Yep, but was able to sit next to him during the brunch. And of course, he signed all 3 of the Isabelle books for her

Laurence Yep American Girl Brunch

He gave her pointers about studying fashion (Isabelle is a young designer in the book and The Chicklet wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up)

American Girl St. Louis Store

Of course there was some shopping to do after brunch

We had a fabulous time.

Isabelle’ The Girl of the Year, comes with the first book in the series when you purchase the doll. You can get the other two books separately, or the lot of three for $ 25.99.

The Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight movie will be released on DVD July 22nd.

The Cubicle Chick