Brits That Get Social Media


Social media is an incredibly important tool in the quest for having a successful business.

With that in mind, some British businesses have capitalized on the advertising opportunities afforded by some of the major social media websites. Twitter and Facebook, among others, are some of the most recognizable forms of social media. In an age when consumers use social media throughout the day, this form of advertising and communication is becoming increasingly popular.

However, it is necessary to understand that it can be difficult for some businesses to develop good social media practices.

A good example is the recent British Airways Twitter debacle. A flyer that had just finished flying British Airways decided to post and promote his tweet, slamming the business for poor customer service.

The good news is that social media is frequently used to help British Businesses, not hurt them.

Bath Ales

One business which has seen increases in sales due to social media marketing is Bath Ales.

Bath Ales is located in Britain and throughout the U.K. This company enjoys a loyal following of customers who relish purchasing new ales from this successful company. Bath Ales used social media to grow sales by offering a platform for customers to pose questions, and then to have those questions answered quickly.

They developed a loyal following by taking care of frequent customers and providing quick communication through Twitter. Bath Sales also monitored Facebook and Twitter to find out what customers were saying about them.

This allowed them to make changes to meet growing demands, and to ensure the satisfaction of their growing customer base. In frequently talking with customers and providing swift feedback, the company began to receive a reputation for caring about those who bought their ales.

Firestar Toys

Firestar Toys

Firestar Toys is another business which saw positive gains due to online advertising techniques.

Although the company has locations throughout the U.K. and the rest of the world, it saw significant online sales in Britain and other countries due to its marketing campaign. Firestar Toys took the visual approach to social media, posting pictures of their LEGO products on Twitter and Facebook.

The company specializes in re-creating realistic LEGO mini-figures modeled after actual people. A business such as Wiggle needs to have a way to show their products because the products are based off of real visual representations.

Another item of note is that a business like this one must be able to show products off to a large consumer group.

Social media provided a way for people to see how realistic these re-creations were, and it provided information on how consumers can order the products.



Another successful British business is Wiggle.

This company specializes in bicycle sales and apparel. It is a company which recognizes the value in online sales and how important it is to reach a broader audience. Wiggle produces quality bicycles and parts, as well as triathlon, swimming and running gear.

A company with a large array of products must make sure that their advertising methods are reaching a broad audience. This is absolutely critical for the overall long-term success of the company.

As social media continues to grow, so too do the businesses who capitalize on this form of advertising and exposure. Wiggle began to see a large increase in sales after providing discount codes and promotional sales through Facebook.

As a result, the business enjoyed a considerable increase in overall revenue, and they now conduct large online sales throughout the world.

Other British businesses can learn from those who are successful in using social media to promote their products and services.

As mentioned, social media use can sometimes backfire on businesses. Angry customers who are displeased with services have an outlet to voice their complaints. Some of these complaints might be justified, while others are not.

The key for British businesses is to respond quickly to any customer complaints or issues. Rectifying the situation through social media is an excellent way to show other customers that you care about them. This is an important business model to follow if you want to see customers repeatedly coming back for goods or services.

Social media offers great avenues for success by more closely linking big businesses with those who buy their products.

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