Breaking: Chesky plays it safe!


“Hi Tim, Dan Raile from PandoDaily. Nice to meet you. You’re about to go interview Brian Chesky, and I was wondering if you’re planning to ask him about…”

These were the words I was able to share with Tim O’Reilly in the lobby of the downtown Oakland Marriott Thursday morning, at the annual Code for America Summit, before the esteemed publisher looked at the screen of his iPhone, hypothetically asked aloud “shoot, what time is it? I have to be on,” and jogged the remaining 60 feet to the door of hotel’s main ballroom, disappearing from my sight. Twenty-six minutes later he took an onstage chair next to the Airbnb CEO. There are so many things one can do with an iPhone.

In any event, the answer to nearly any question I might have finished asking would have been: no…

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