Brace for Megaupload Replacement Site to Launch This Weekend


kim dotcom, megaupload, file sharingKim Dotcom has promised to launch this weekend a replacement for Megaupload, one year after that site was shut down by U.S. law enforcement for facilitating copyright infringement.

Mega will offer 50 gigabytes of free storage. The site will also offer premium subscriptions for 500 GB and, 2 and 4 terabytes of storage. The plans range in price from $ 9.99 a month to $ 39.99 a month.

The service is touting itself as secure “new bugs of any kind” and from prying eyes.

For instance, Mega encrypts all uploaded files by default. That means that no one except the user who uploads the file can see what it contains, unless s/he shares the private key with another user.

But, the company will retain logs of its users’ IP addresses, according to TorrentFreak’s reading of its privacy policy. (Only a handful of users were given a preview of the site today.) Dotcom, at least in writing, promises to cooperate with law enforcement requests for user data. According the privacy policy, the site may even “use any information we have about you as a customer relating to your creditworthiness and give that information to any other person for credit assessment and debt collection purposes.”

Mega is very different from the original Megaupload and looks like any cloud storage interface.

Kim Dotcom sat down for an interview with the Guardian, in which he talked about the new site, his battle with U.S. authorities and the Aaron Swartz case. He’s also said he’ll do a press conference to announce the launch on Sunday.

Photo via Kim Dotcom on Instagram

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