Boost Organic Reach On Facebook By Rewarding Millennials For Posts


PunchTabMillennials650Facebook has pretty much decimated organic reach for brands, and it is only expected to get worse. But you’ve invested so much time (and money) in growing that Facebook fan base, so walking away from it should be your very last option — particularly as, according to a new study from brand loyalty and engagement platform PunchTab, there’s hope for you yet, squirrel.

Yes, we’re talking about millennials (you may have heard of them), and they have billions of dollars to spend, and they’re super-active on social media. You just need to know how to attract them! (Hint: This post will tell you how.)

You know who millennials are, right? It’s a fast and loose generalization, most times, encompassing 20- to early 30-somethings. The folks as PunchTab were kind enough to get a little more specific here, so we’re talking about 18- to 33-year-olds. And there are something like 80 million of them out there, waiting for you to entice them.

Here’s how: Reward their loyalty with all kinds of goodies, ranging from special offers to VIP recognition. Take a page from these mega-marketers; their kickass loyalty programs attract millennial men and women (to varying degrees):

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 2.42.48 PM

But wait! Are we saying there’s a difference between loyalty programs for male and female millennials? Yes! And there’s also a distinct difference between the actions each gender is willing to take on your behalf — and then there’s this very important tidbit (referenced in the report):

Generally speaking, millennial men try fewer apparel brands and retail formats and have fewer favorite brands relative to millennial women. When millennial men do try a new brand, they’re more likely than millennial women to convert and stay loyal. They also tend to stay with brands over time and as they age more than their female counterparts, who report “outgrowing” brands earlier.

Not only sound marketing intelligence there, but also an expected journey into the male psyche. If only that aftershave loyalty would extend to relationships, hmm?

Check out the full report here for other surprises and more info on what millennials buy, recommend, research, and how loyalty programs … well, make them loyal to (and help virally market) your brand!

Readers: Have you ever participated in a loyalty program? What was your favorite?