Boootube Features Videos that Have the Most Thumbs Down and it’s Easy to See Why


Boootube is the coupling of Rotten Tomatoes and Youtube, but unlike Rotten Tomatoes, Boootube is not meant to save you hours of watching poorly conceived cinematic catastrophes – it’s actually a time drain. Boootube features videos that boast the highest numbers of thumbs down and it’s easy to see why. They are terrible. In fact, I would say they are so terrible you probably shouldn’t watch them, except that you’ll want to.

To illustrate your curiosity’s innate perniciousness, I will share the first video on Boootube, a video of a woman demonstrating Baby Yoga, which sounds a lot less terrible than what it actually looks like. Warning: this is child abuse.

Did you watch it? I certainly regretted watching it, but I continued scrolling, clicking, and watching more videos. I found some familiar clips. Rick Perry’s election video is on there as is Mitt Romney’s. CNN’s highly controversial coverage of the Steubenville rapists evidently has few fans, and further down, Kinect’s Star Wars I’m Hans Solo gets some well-deserved recognition. At least I’m Hans Solo was amusing – in a bizarre way. Go on and watch. It’s worth watching, trust me.

Aside from terrible internet videos, our terrible sense of curiosity makes us gawk at roadside accidents. We are captivated by the gruesome and the sinister – and that’s a good thing. It’s mentally healthy and probably an evolutionary advantage that keeps us from suffering the same fate as what we’re witnessing. At least that’s the argument from Professor Eric G. Wilson, whose book “Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck,” offers an explanation for our calamitous intrigue.

Wilson explains his theory about our grotesque curiosity in an interview with the Daily Mail:

There are many reasons why we’re attracted to the morbid. It’s titillating, it’s a weird physiological arousal, an animal stimulation – some scientists even think it has an evolutionary value.

For instance, some gazelles watch while one of their own is eaten by a lion. And some humans might share this trait – we learn what not to do.


Wilson also points out that when one moves beyond curiosity to obsession, the morbid can actually be detrimental instead of helpful. So, be careful when you’re on Boootube. Let the videos be examples of what not to do – but don’t spend too much time watching all of the internet’s bad videos because it might drive you to despair. Too much of a bad thing is still really atrocious.

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