Boil a Better Ocean: Making Social Matter, With Accenture

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Companies continue to struggle with measuring the real business value of their social media marketing efforts, compounded by disconnected brand presences to lack of adoption and consistency across departments to managing multiple solutions. How can a defined, systematic approach using metrics and tools help companies realize and scale their social media marketing vision? How have companies established effective and integrated measurement practices to discover actionable insights that inform and optimize tactics, influence customers and create meaningful connections?

At Social Media Week New York, Robert Harles, Managing Director and Global Head of Social Business, Accenture and Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer, Forbes, explored how companies are defining the metrics that matter and identifying KPIs that internal stakeholders understand to prove the value of social, drive business transformation and guide priorities and investments.

In his talk, Harles explained: “People and CEOs understand social media activities, but they want to know what to report the board – how is this making us money? Can we avert a crisis? Are we keeping customers? CEOs get paid to be a skeptic, so think of CEOs as insatiable toddlers – always asking ‘why?’”

For further strategies on how you can make social matter, check out this video, from Accenture’s session at Social Media Week New York:

Social Media Week