Bluez 2 Bone-Conducting Headphones Are Stylish and Simple, But Costly




Bone-conducting headphones have been around for a while now, but a new product from Aftershokz offers a sleek design and overall approach that could make the prospect of a bone-conducting audio experience even more attractive for the uninitiated

The Bluez 2 Bluetooth headset wirelessly connects to your mobile device, allowing you to listen to music and make or hang up phone calls — all while keeping your ears open to the natural sounds around you

Stunning good looks

The wraparound device is easily one of the most attractive of its type that I’ve seen to date. Unlike some other behind-the-neck headphones that seem to scream “Look at me and my special curvy headphones,” these are far more conservative and thus usable in any setting, no matter what your style or appearance Read more…

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