Blogging is Underrated


Content is important. It’s a standard website staple that tells visitors who a company is, what they do, and what it is about them that makes them important. And that’s only the beginning. Yet, despite those perks (or rather, basic website protocol), content is regularly overlooked by companies of all sizes. Whether they simply don’t understand the value, or don’t have the know-how to keep an impressive operation up and running, content is one of the most cost-friendly ways to bring in traffic and inform users. Yet it’s continually botched. Sometimes even on purpose.

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Why the Hesitation?

For most businesses, tactics are measured in dollars. If something isn’t benefitting the ROI – or return on investment – it’s placed on the back burner while other options are explored. Most marketing techniques, such as commercials or banner ads, etc., often come with instant gratification. They bring in clicks and sales, and can even tell us which ads are ramping the most traffic. Content, however, does none of those things. We can see how many viewed or clicked, but not if it brought in any sales. (Though we should always assume it’s helping, no matter to what degree.)

Additionally, blogging comes as a long-term reward. The more words that are available for web bots to search, the more traffic they’ll bring in. And while that greatly helps any website advance, this can take time to search and log.

The Cons to Ignoring Content

Just because you’re neglecting your blog doesn’t mean the competition is. The more tips and keywords they add to their site, the more they’re going to show up on search engine searches, bringing them more customers (or viewers). This will also increase their reputation with Google, and the general public – just by showing how much content they have to offer.

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Failing to do the same will reduce your search rankings, lower a page’s clout level, show your website as outdated, and can potentially turn away business.

Because it can be done for free (look for a current employee with writing experience), blogging offers all rewards at a minimal (or zero) cost. Yet so many have failed to put this integral part of online marketing into action.

To stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of available cost-effective methods, start working on your company’s blogging plan today.

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