BlackBerry Users First to Get Access to Foursquare Search Without Sign-up


mobile apps, smart phones, social networking,Foursquare brought a new feature to its BlackBerry app today that is likely to spread to other mobile operating systems: local search, no log-in or user ID needed.

Why BlackBerry? Because the product was developed in a recent hackathon, and it was the BlackBerry team that hit pay dirt with a viable product, according to the company blog.

“Nice to see someone put some effort into a BlackBerry app for once,” user ChrisInSD said.

“Of course, Foursquare gets even more powerful once you start checking in. We can then customize Explore based on what you like and where you and your friends have been,” Foursquare said.

To deliver recommendations, Foursquare draws on previous users’ check-ins, so the company can’t forego check-ins altogether.

Although Foursquare has been aggressively re-positioning itself as a local search and recommendations engine, a logged-out search feature was not on the company’s wish list for the hackathon.

The company didn’t immediately respond to a request for information on when the login-free local search will be available on other platforms.

If the wish list is any guide, Foursquare may also introduce integration with users’ calendars and information on transit times, hiking trails and trending venues.

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