A determined food blogger, Bonnie Chung, who has spent three years travelling the globe in a quest to create the perfect miso soup is about to realise her dream when her soups go on sale at a major British supermarket. Here’s a what a typical day looks like; take a bite from her life!

7am: For me, a strong cup of tea in bed is key to a non-grumpy rise. I have never been a morning person, but waking up slowly with a brew and a stack of emails to scan through on my phone eases me into my day slowly. I then dress in something practical for work, always with flat shoes, and all my dresses have pockets! You never know what you might have to get involved with on any given day. I could be on my feet doing an in-store tasting, shifting heavy boxes off a pallet, or cooking up some dishes for a shoot; dressing comfortably is key to being ready for anything!

8am: Breakfast is usually miso butter on sourdough toast, before walking to my office in Dalston, listening to some up-beat music to get myself ready for the day. In the summers, I like to go for an early run around Regents Park to clear my head before the busy day begins.

9am: Days are filled with meetings and activity across the board; checking in with our PR agency, pitching to new customers, interacting on social media and ensuring that our supply chain is all running smoothly. The phone is usually ringing constantly and Skype meetings with team members outside of London are the norm. Occasionally, there will be an emergency to address and resolve quickly which is a sure way to wake me up and get me focused!

1pm: Lunch is usually a Miso Tasty soup with noodles at my desk, with vegetables added to make it more filling. I don’t like working and eating at the same time, but in a start-up where there is always so much to do, it is very common unfortunately! If it’s a bright day though, I have my lunch outside, and on Fridays, I like to take my team out for some local grub – Dalston is spoilt for choice when it comes to different cuisines.


2 – 4pm:  At the moment, we are developing a range of new products so I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen; testing and developing concepts for launch later this year. We have a kitchen below our office so it’s great to get away from the desk for a couple of hours, put my apron on and return to my first love – cooking!

3-6pm: Towards the end of the day, I am usually doing an in-store tasting at with one of stockists, such as at Whole Foods, Selfridges or Harvey Nichols. I love it! It involves being on your feet for a couple of hours making up products for passing customers to try. It’s a brilliant way to get our brand out there.

7pm: Dinner usually involves checking out a new Japanese or Korean restaurant! I really enjoy eating out and trying new things. I love cooking, but during the week I simply don’t have the time. I tend to cook mainly at weekends. I am working on my first book at the moment so I am constantly experimenting with new miso recipes and getting my friends to be my guinea pigs!


9pm: More emails and planning for the next day, usually from the comfort of my bed! I am much more productive in the evenings when the phone is not ringing! Sitting in bed with my laptop with a cup of tea is pretty standard.

12 midnight:  I like to have to have some time before bed to unwind.  I am addicted to watching cookery shows or I may read for an hour. I love reading inspiring autobiographies by women I admire in politics and business. This might not sound relaxing, but I love falling asleep feeling inspired – it gets me ready for another busy day ahead!

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