Here’s a delicious slice from the life of Daniele Ziaco, Ping Pong’s Head Mixologist. Find out all about his day across the various Ping Pong branches and mixing up new drinks and cocktails with innovative ideas.

7am – “Wake Up Daddy!!!” are the first words that I hear every morning- surely it should be the other way around?!

9am – I drop my kids off at school and make my way to one of the eight Ping Pong restaurants we have across  London.

9:30am – After going through emails with my daily latte in hand, I begin every week by checking the levels of stock across the Ping Pong group, a task which usually takes up my whole Monday. It’s not my favourite day, but certainly an important one as this involves dealing with suppliers and distributors, making sure that we get the best quality products for our customers, at the right price.

12:00pm – The first service of the day starts. I work with my computer at the bar top and ensure that standards are followed. I will sometimes jump behind the bar, rarely though as the bartenders are all excellent!

14:00pm – Each week the Head Office sends over a report on customer feedback and based on the results I will brief the bar-tending team to ensure any complaints are dealt with as soon as we receive them.


16:00pm – I make my way to Bow Bells House, our Ping Pong restaurant near St Paul’s Cathedral, where I always find the time to allocate at least 2 hours to myself to create new cocktails & drinks that we can bring to all our branches in the UK, USA and DUBAI (Non-alcoholic). I love to spend the time being creative and thinking up new combinations that are fresh and exciting using flavours our customers will really enjoy.  

18:00pm The evening service starts, so I head to another Ping Pong restaurant, to make sure the highest standards are in place. By doing a quick audit of the site. I usually sit at the bar and wait until every single customer has been served before I ask the bartenders to make two of the house cocktails and one of the classic cocktails we have on our menu (My personal favourite is currently the ‘Sazarec’). I check their style and the movements they use when cocktail-making, to ensure the method being used is optimum to guarantee a perfect (delicious) result! I also really like to see how they interact with customers to make sure they are delivering the ultimate Ping Pong experience!

21:00pm Time for a beer… or another cocktail!

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