This week, founder of WELLTODO LONDON Lauren Armes gives us a glimpse into her day of food, fitness and nutrition glamour. “Every day is incredibly different,” says Lauren, “since it’s essential for me to try anything and everything that may reshape or in some way evolve the wellness industry. It’s a balance between writing articles, juggling meeting and checking out any new additions to the market.” We love the sound of that!

7:30am – I’m not an early riser. Especially when it’s still dark. I always wake to a barrage of iPhone action from friends and family in the Southern Hemisphere – since home for me is Australia. A shower and breakfast collectively kickstart my day – a smoothie rammed with banana, oats, cacao, spirulina, hemp protein and coconut oil. 

8:30 – 10am – I’m writing content for welltodo London, planning content, and responding to never ending emails.

10am- 1:00pm – I’ll head out for meetings, with phone calls in between, usually with business owners in the wellness industry or their PR’s. A lot of these involve learning about or trialling and testing new products and cafes/restaurants that will shape the health and fitness scene in London.

1:00pm – Lunch often coincides with a meeting, so I’ll try and tie this in with trying a new healthy eatery for market research. I like something filling so if it’s a salad I’ll make sure it has quinoa, chicken, or chickpeas for protein. If I’m at home – I’ll usually throw together some roast vegetables, quinoa and a tahini dressing.

2:00pm – 4:00pm – More meetings slotted in, either by phone or in person. There is so much going on in London, so I’m constantly chasing my tail.

4pm-6pm – Something to get me sweating, which I prefer doing in the afternoon/evening. Usually this means I’m trying out the latest fitness class, being beasted by a new method or revisiting one of my favourites, like Barry’s, Psycle or Xtend barre. In between destinations I’ll be responding to emails, coordinating events, emails and staying on top of social media – unless it’s sunny and I’m travelling by bicycle. At some point I’ll have a snack, and lately I’ve been loving Healing Belle’s almond meal cookies (from the Whole Pantry App) and these gluten-free pistachio brownies (link:

Credit: Lauren Dangoor

Credit: Lauren Dangoor

6:30 – 7:30 – Dinner happens. Either out with friends, my boyfriend or at home. If it’s made at home, it will be something nourishing and largely plant-based; or at least with plenty of greens. I also love fish, especially salmon! If I’m headed to a press event, I’ll often have something light just in case the food is scarce or I get talking and miss the canapés.

8:00 – 10:00 – If I don’t have an event, it will be more emails and writing. I am most productive in the evening, with a chamomile tea to keep me focused. 

10:00 – 11:00 – Start winding down with some light stretches or cuddles on the sofa. I’ll do some reading or catch-up on non-business related social media… before hitting the hay.


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