Jack Graham is co-founder of Raw Press, a new cold-pressed juice and health brand that has recently opened its first juice café on Dover Street, Mayfair, located beneath the fashion boutique Wolf & Badger. Eventually, the ambition is to create more healthy havens across London, grow the online nationwide juice delivery programme, and build a wellness brand around a core set of values focused on eating well.

6am – I wake up, with the help of a couple of presses of the snooze button. I have discovered a new meditation app recently called Headspace, and I find that practising a bit of morning mindfulness definitely helps me to deal with any challenges that are thrown up during the day. I have a bath whilst planning world domination or, if I’m late, a quick shower!

7am – I sometimes will grab some fruit at home, or otherwise pick up a little breakfast from Gail’s on my way into work. I particularly enjoy their porridge in winter for a slow release of energy through the morning; I will typically pair this with a mint tea and one of our Raw Press juices. My favourites are our Super Green (with no fruit content), the Uprooted (with turmeric and Argan oil) and our signature Almond Mylk.

8am – Part of my job is devising menus, cooking our lunches in the kitchen and overseeing the juicing team; typically I will head down to Battersea and work with my colleague Said for a few hours preparing four or five healthy salads and a daily soup.

11am – I deliver the food and the juices to our Mayfair café in our trusty van, which we have given the name Spirulina, in a hilarious homage to our favourite blue-green algae. If we ever buy another van, it’s going to be called Spiralizer, as our customers love our spiralized courgette noodles!


12:30pm – I tend to have lunch at Raw Press and will often combine this with meetings. As I am cooking the lunches in the morning, it would be crazy for me not to take my own medicine! I figure that if our selection of vegan and gluten-free salads is not varied enough or tasty enough for me to want to eat our own food most days of the week, then I am doing something wrong! We are constantly trying to invent interesting dishes with a healthy twist such as celeriac rémoulade with a cashew cream and goji berries, Vietnamese rainbow rolls with a yuzu dipping sauce, and baobab-ghanoush (babaghanoush seasoned with baobab powder)!

3pm – I often stay at the café for a few hours to chat with customers, run through my emails, pay invoices, plan out marketing initiatives, keep on top of the financials and think about strategy. We stock some great healthy snacks and I will usually treat myself to something!

5pm – I will occasionally go back to our catering kitchen in the afternoon, but usually I will go home to do some more work. Sometimes it feels more productive to be working within the buzzing atmosphere of the café, whilst at other times it makes more sense to have some private space to make phone calls or focus properly on important documents. Luckily, my cousin and business partner Toby is responsible for running the café, so everything continues smoothly when I’m not there. In fact, I think they prefer it if I’m not there, as I am sometimes a bit of a perfectionist, with my eye on everything!


8pm – I finish work at around 6pm but I do try to continue my healthy momentum through the evening, and although I am not vegetarian, during the week I tend to avoid meat and fish if I can; I will often cook a vegetarian meal at home. I love experimenting with different world cuisines, and usually just try to freestyle a dish rather than work from a recipe! I also go out for dinner quite often with my brother, who lives locally, and my guilty pleasure is a delicious Thai restaurant on my road called The Little Thai!

10pm – I don’t have a television but when at home, I enjoy playing piano or watching documentaries on my computer in the evening. I am also conscious of not using technology too much, especially before going to sleep, so I usually make time for a little reading in bed!

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