Beyond Followers: Achieving True Engagement with Social Media [Infographic]

Posted by Sara on 09 Apr 2015 / 0 Comment

Do your social media goals involve engaging with your online community?

We’re going to assume the answer is yes, especially since you’re reading this blog!

In our minds, engagement is the most important metric to measure. Followers are great, but if 1% of your followers are engaging with your content, then you’re missing the boat somewhere. Perhaps your content isn’t as relevant as it could but, or you’re not attracting the proper audience.

Our CEO Jim Belosic recently did a live Q&A and I was surprised when I heard someone ask him to explain the difference between Likes, Reach and Engagement. It shows that some businesses are still coming around to social media and could use some guidance on measuring the metrics that really matter.

With that said, social engagement is getting more and more difficult to achieve as more brands and people join the social world. There are endless articles that will provide you with tips on enhancing your engagementand most of them will discuss changing your posting strategy to include content that your audience responds to and cares about.

However, in this infographic, Salesforce takes it a step further and looks at the bigger picture and building engagement from the beginning of a social strategy.  Every social strategy should start with a goal, and according to Salesforce, engagement starts in that same place.

Is engagement the most important metric to you? Let us know in the comments!

Beyond Followers: How to Achieve True Engagement with Social Media