Best Hawaii Business, Startup and Social Media Conferences


Your boss tells you that you have to go to a business conference this year…boo, right? Many of us dread the annual gathering of the industry, with their long sessions and networking. It is constant work, away from home, and can be quite exhausting.

Many are also held in areas that are far from appealing during the off time. Anyone who has spent time not in sessions up in their hotel room, watching Pay Per View and eating $ 10 cashews out of a mini bar will know the feeling.

Now just imaging that you could go back to your boss with a legitimate reason for flying to Hawaii. Suddenly that conference doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

The gorgeous islands of Hawaii have a number of fantastic conferences on business being held. They also have some good gatherings for locals.

1. Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend

(November 1 – 3, 2013; Honalulu)

If you are in a Honolulu area, this is a good event to attend. It is a quick, one day conference held at UH Manoa campus. It is a great chance to explore business ideas, learn about the culture of startup firms, win funding for your own ideas, and meet with others for networking purposes. It will be held at 8 PM, and registration is open now.

2. TechCon Kona 2.0

TechCon Kona 2.0

(November 2, 2013; Kailua Kona)

Despite its reputation as a place of paradise, Hawaii has its share of problems. Lack of jobs is a big one, especially meaningful careers. Food security problems are another. Energy prices is one of the biggest, with many people struggling to pay utility bills. These are several of the topics that will be discussed at this quickfire, intensive one-day conference. Locals interested can attend from 8:30 AM – 4 PM. It includes a pau hana afterward, from 4 – 6:30.

3. Hawaii International Conference On Business

Hawaii International Conference On Business

(May 22 – 25, 2014; Honolulu)

Next year, an international conference on business will be held in Honolulu. Right now until January there is an open call for proposals and paper submissions to be included in the conference. For attendees, registration is already open on an early bird rate. Not only is this a very helpful conference that will be full of networking opportunities and plenty of sessions and workshops. It is also one of the less expensive events held on the island, and includes a CD-ROM copy of all proceedings.

4. Global Conference on Business and Finance

Global Conference on Business and Finance

(January 6 – 9, 2014; Honolulu)

An open call is still going on for this event, as well. They are looking for proposals on finance, social media, marketing, management, business, accounting, business law and education, agribusiness, health care, and more. Registration is also open, though slots are filling up fast. There will be both English and Spanish sessions offered.

5. The Economics, Finance, Accounting & Management Research Conference

The Economics, Finance, Accounting & Management Research Conference

(May 29 – June 1, 2014; Honolulu)

Since the submission period is almost over for the GCBF conference, you might have better luck here. They are looking for papers and proposals in economics, finance, business, accounting and management research. They are also looking for a large number of attendees, as this is a massive conference with many different tracks. It is one of the few business tracks that has an additional focus on healthcare administration and nursing, as well.

Going to Hawaii

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Do you know of any events being hosted in Hawaii for the business sector? Let us know in the comments.