Belkin Echo Reveals How Much Energy Your Devices Use




If you use a credit card or a cell phone, you probably receive a monthly statement detailing each purchase or call you have made. This may soon expand to your utility bills, too: A project in the works at electronics company Belkin makes it possible to see how much electricity you’re spending on everything from the TV in your living room to the washing machine in your basement.

Called Belkin Echo Electricity, it’s a small device that connects to your utility meter and pays attention to the electromagnetic interference, or “noise,” emitted by electrical appliances plugged in to wall outlets. It is currently being tested in a handful of U.S. homes, and Belkin plans to install 10,000 of them over the next year in places ranging from military housing to apartments to hotels. Eventually, utilities could build the device into home meters or you could simply plug one into an outlet in your house. Read more…

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