Before Falling In/Out Of Love On Twitter, Consider This


Can you really fall in love over Twitter? It seems people are — there’s even a website dedicated to Twitter crushes — but before you go all gooey over that Twitterific person, here are five things to keep in mind:

1) Tweets are forever

You may wear your heart on your sleeve in real life, but you’re practically tattooing it to your wrist if you do the same on Twitter. Even if you go through your Tweets with a fine-toothed comb and delete every cutesy update, people will still have seen them. And there is such thing as a screenshot.

2) Are you sure you’re not being catfished?

If you’ve spent so much time talking to your Twitter beau or belle that you haven’t even heard of MTV’s Catfish, then it might be too late, but we’ll explain anyway: catfishing is being tricked into an online relationship with someone who isn’t who they say they are. Your online love might not just be playing hard-to-get — they could be a real creeper after your money. Or your head in a jar.

3) Don’t send compromising pics

You don’t need us to tell you why this is a bad idea, but, if you’ve already DM’d a few, delete them — yes, it deletes them on their end, too. Although you’re out of luck if they’ve already saved them to their hard drive.

4) People are different online

For better or for worse, people have an online persona, and it might not even be a conscious one. That girl posting motivational quotes every five seconds? Total hypocrite. That cute, funny guy who just followed you? He found those tweets on someone else’s account — and that photo’s blurry for a reason.

5) Your friends, and their friends, and total strangers, are watching

The phrase “get a room” applies online too, you know. Nobody wants to see you making virtual eyes at your Twitter crush, and those gooey tweets are only going to embarrass you when you come to your senses. Some people might just be following you so they can laugh at your expense.

But falling in love isn’t all people are doing on Twitter. It seems they’re also breaking up over Twitter, too.

And you thought that break-up text was bad.

Photo Credit: rachel_titiriga Compfight

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