Barnes & Noble Enters Big Tablet Market with Nook HD+ [HANDS ON]


Barnes & Noble Nook HD+

With the Nook HD+, Barnes & Noble both takes on the iPad and gives the recently unveiled Kindle Fire HD tablets a serious competitor. The big-size Nook tablet is priced at $ 269 for the 16GB model and $ 299 for 32GB. It’s also 2.8 ounces lighter than the Kindle Fire HD, but it doesn’t have any cameras.

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Barnes & Noble has seen Amazon’s plethora of Kindle Fire HD tablets and, potentially, raised the ante with a pair of new high-resolution, lightweight and affordably priced tablets: the Nook HD 7-inch and the Nook HD+ 9-inch.

That’s right, Barnes & Noble just stepped into Apple iPad territory.

The big-size tablets are priced at $ 269 for the 16GB model and $ 299 for 32GB, so Barnes & Noble is deeply undercutting Apple on price and even beating the recently launched Kindle Fire HD line. The 7-inch Nook HD will list for $ 199 for the 16 GB model and $ 229 for the 32 GB tablet. Both sizes include micro SD slots for memory expansion (up to 64GB) and come complete with their AC chargers. Ama…
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