Avoiding the Damage that September Rapture Hype Teachings can Cause


In less than an hour, I’ll be resting for 24 hours. No work. No food as I fast. Me, my family, and God will be together for Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, will be waiting for the Rapture as predicted by several prominent bloggers, vloggers, and “spiritual leaders” leading up to this crazy month.

When the new day dawns, many will have their faith shaken. The arguments that were made for this coming day to be the day were often pretty compelling. There were mathematical calculations made against the Bible and other documents. There were visions and dreams attempting to confirm September 23, 2015, marked the great Rapture.

Those who heard and believed will have to question their theology, their value systems, their discernment, and who to trust. A few months ago, we made a video to help those hearing these “prophecies” and either starting to believe in them before or wandering what went wrong afterwards.

The Day of Atonement is being called a Jewish holy day. It’s not. It’s one of God’s Holy Days, His Moadim. The modern day church has disregarded them and called them too Jewish, but they have been and always will be for all of God’s people, Jew or Gentile.

With that noted and understanding that we cannot know the day or the hour of our Lord’s return, we do know that certain events must take place first. Some have. Many have not.

If you’re reading this before, during, or after September 23rd, do not allow your faith to be shaken. These times are definitely special. The idea that we weren’t Raptured at this time is not a sign to lose faith. It just means you need to refer to the Bible and be more selective about your teachers.