Avoid Deadly Water Heater Explosions


Hot water heaters are generally one of the best electricity consumption devices that are mainly used for domestic purposes. However, when these water heating devices explode, the consequences are deadly.

Some of the deadliest heating explosions took place in 1982 when there were more than 36 people who were injured and around 7 people killed. Similar explosions took place in 1991, 2000, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 where the biggest water heating explosions took place. All these explosions were either due to a lot of heat in the bottom of the water heater, sudden and sever damage of water heater, explosion of water heater gas, missing cap and inspection covers.

At this juncture, switching to commercial tankless heaters is a smart option. In these water heaters, water is heated with no requirement of the storage tank. You can always get hot water without having to wait for it such as with traditional water heaters. Moreover, the water temperature is increased by an electric element. When you switch on the hot water heater, the cold water immediately goes into the pipe and you can always have the supply of hot water. These advanced water heaters are hence the ideal water heating devices.

Let us know some of the major benefits of installing commercial water heaters:

Space saving: Since these water heaters are advanced and compact in size, you can install them at any location without any hassle. If you want to install multiple water heaters, you will not need much space to fix them. These are great space savers.

Safe and durable: The typical tankless water heaters last for nearly 10 years. The durable water heaters require less maintenance and thus you are always prevented from unexpected heating explosions.

Constant supply of hot water: Unlike traditional water heaters, you can always get hot water whenever you need it for carrying out your daily tasks. The hot water is always available to you until the faucet is off.

Economical and energy savers: If you own a commercial building then commercial water heaters are useful as these are cost-effective options and consume less energy as compared to conventional water heaters. These certainly cut on your electricity bills by providing hot water only when it is needed.

So, do not wait for explosions to take place with your traditional water heaters. Get the advanced, sophisticated and cost-effective water heating solutions to cater all your needs.


Avoid Deadly Water Heater Explosions image Avoid Deadly Water Heater Explosions Infographic By HotWaterHeater2

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