Autumn Interior Trends


Anna Grace Davidson gives advice for combining colours, textures, contrasts and layering in order to bring autumn into your home. 

Autumn has arrived – bringing with it the opportunity to alter our wardrobe in favour of woolly knitwear, catch up with what new trends are appearing now the temperature has dipped, and also spruce up our rooms a little. There’s nothing nicer than returning home from a blustery day out and being greeted with a soft overflow of rich warm colours and deep tones, combined with muted pastel shades to create a good balance. By using the right mix of finishes and textures, we can create the perfect atmosphere to embrace the new season in our treasured homes.



At this beautiful but minimalistic dining setting (above), we see a bright and rich yellow antique brass chandelier suspended over a warm, natural wooden dining table. Both the dining table and soft cashmere leather chairs have smooth, curved lines that compliment the geometric lines and the shape and style of the chandelier. The colours of the chairs are muted pastels, soft but with a strong design character. In the background we see a piece of abstract art that reflects some the colours of the furniture whilst incorporating deeper tones too.

The unity of rough surfaces like the bronze, soft textures of cashmere leathers, wood and the reflective finish of the art is a great mix to balance different materials in one room. Altogether it has a vintage yet modern feel, calm and simple!



This room setting is another example of great architecture, geometric shapes and layers of different textures and finishes in one area. Shades of taupe are used with a large accent of a very light pastel blue, black stained iron finish of side tables and a small chair, a sand colour tribal rug, and soft leathers that are matched with light and deep grey shades. All this mix between modern techniques and local materials is a typical show of tradition.



In this room, we have the grouping of strong furniture pieces that are put together as objects of opposing shape. We can see how architecture and furniture are working in unison. The blues and ash blues gives a surprisingly warm atmosphere when balanced with grey hues.

The nuanced finishes of leather are emphasized and enhanced through combinations with neutral materials, allowing the raw material to become the main character.

Sitting Room


This image is a great example of how to add a splash of colour in any area of your home whilst keeping it harmonious. Lime green and deep green accent furniture and light reflective wall mirror accessories, along with the neutralising grey paints of the wall and concrete floor is a great mix of rich colours and natural materials.



This bedroom gives us an intimate feeling of harmony, achieved through the dense accent shade of terracotta and the blend of grey tones. The essential mix of dynamic textures such as the linen on top of the matte leather bed frame, the wool rug, the rough finish of the concrete floor and art wall behind, the burnt wood of the small bedside table and brass lamp, all takes us to the fundamental design vision and atmosphere.

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