Author Jackie Collins Talks Celebrity Tweets, Hot Guys on Pinterest


New York Times best-selling author Jackie Collins knows a thing or two about being social. The novelist, who recently released her 29th novel, The Power Trip, is known for her glamorous, sexy tales that take readers inside the lives of the rich, famous, and infamous.

As part of the book tour for The Power Trip, Collins held an upscale, exclusive book launch party in West Hollywood. Front and center at the launch: a flyer with her social media links and hashtags. These links are also on The Power Trip book jacket. During the fete, Collins sat down with her guests and had a good old-fashioned chat.

“I call myself an anthropologist, crawling through the jungles of Hollywood,” Collins shares. “I always have my camera with me, and I am always taking pictures.”

Some of those pictures will go in her upcoming photo book and many go up on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. The photo book is just one of four projects currently in progress. The other three: a play, a cookbook, and the next novel in the Lucky Santangelo series.

As busy as she is, Collins clearly likes to connect with her fans, and does most of the social media engagement herself. “I love social media,” she says. “I love hearing from my readers and chatting with them online. When I’m on the road, I may have to delegate some of the social media management to my team.”

Collins, whose @JackieJCollins Twitter handle has more than 101,000 followers, is “completely addicted to Twitter,” she says. “What’s fun about it is I can talk to my fans and my readers. The other thing is you meet people on Twitter. I met Denise Richards (@Denise_Richards) [and] Ross Matthews (@HelloRoss) on Twitter, and we ended up becoming friends and going out.”

See, even celebs use social sites to meet other celebs.

“I love the fact that you can retweet, you can answer [tweets], [and], if [people] are rude, you can block them,” Collins continues. “It’s a great give and take.”

She also uses social to share her Hollywood and other adventures. On Oscar night, Collins started tweeting in the limo en route to the Vanity Fair party, and continued tweeting celeb sightings throughout the evening. Then, post-Oscars she shared the pic of her with sister Joan Collins out and about –the next best thing to being there.

A huge fan of Pinterest, Collins enjoys the fun aspects of social media as well.

“If I ever have a spare moment, I go on Pinterest and pin guys… which is so much fun,” she explains.

Collins’ favorite is her “Smokin’ Hot” board. “What’s so interesting is you’ll pin Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello, and you’ll see who repins and how many people repin,” she says.

Collins has nearly 40 Pinterest boards: dogs, flowers, favorite TV shows, and more. “I have pictures of me back in the day, which is kind of fun, too,” she shares. “It is a hobby, and it’s addictive at times.”

Collins also uses social media to post info about her book, appearances, photos, contests, and article links. In addition to her personal website, blog, and social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+,  and YouTube – Collins created a dedicated website for the new novel, complete with a book trailer.



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