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Ragan and PR Daily's Ace Awards: Awarding Communication Excellence

The Ace Awards: Awarding Communication Excellence

Ragan Communications and PR Daily are excited to announce the first-ever Ace Awards!

In this brand new program, we are putting together a list of the best PR and marketing professionals, the best agencies, and the best run communication teams.

We want to hear about what makes you better than the rest!

Find out more about these awards below.

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Eligibility Requirements

If you consider yourself a professional communicator, you met the one and only requirement.

We are looking for the very best talent from any industry, anywhere in the world, at any point in their careers. We urge companies of all sizes and individuals of all ages to show off their skills.


Winners will be awarded in the following categories:


  • Advertising
    You’re a mastermind of clever campaigns and catchy slogans. You can sell anything, anytime, anywhere. Sell us on your knack.
  • Design
    Whether you brand a new product, design print publications, direct a new campaign, you have a great eye for what works and ideas about how to make it better.
  • Crisis/Reputation Management
    What crisis? You guide your organization or client through any issue with a level head, a calm tone, and just the right words and actions.
  • Digital/Video
    Technology is your forte. Armed with a bit of software, you can make any message come to life and drive your audience to laughter, tears—and beyond.
  • Health Care
    Communicators in hospitals, pharma, or heath care-related businesses craft messages with remarkable finesse, no matter the situation.
  • Internal
    Some people dread office memos, newsletters and intranets. Not you! You craft communications that your colleagues want to read and hear.
  • Marketing
    You add your own “P” to the Four P’s of Marketing: Perfection. You understand your audience and know exactly what works to make your campaigns succeed.
  • Measurement / Market Research
    Do you like big data? Can you make sense of all the numbers? Tell us how you wrangle information to help your organization succeed.
  • Media Relations
    A good relationship with the media is crucial to getting your message out to the public. Show us how you foster these relationships by building trust and always being prepared.
  • Nonprofit/Academic
    Your communication skills go beyond making a profit. Maybe you speak for an association, a charitable foundation, or a public group. Tell us how you do it.
  • Public Affairs / Government
    Words and ideas exert a great influence on public policy, legislation, regulations and political activities. But you of all people know this all too well.
  • Public Relations
    You are creative, savvy and smart. You know just the right angle that will get people talking. We’re looking for a story. Pitch us yours.
  • Social Media
    From the intern who keeps an eye on your social media channels to the director leading your organization’s strategy, we want to hear from social media practitioners. This may also include individuals.
  • Speech Writer
    Words come naturally to you. No matter the size of the crowd or its makeup, you know just the right tone to strike to leave an indelible impression.
  • Website
    Are you responsible for honing your organization’s Web presence? Maybe you edit your website’s content or are in charge of SEO. No matter. As George Clooney said in the movie Intolerable Cruelty, “You fascinate us!” Show us your social skills in action.
  • Up and Coming (Under 5 years’ experience)
    Even though you haven’t been at it long, you’ve got a knack for the advertising-PR-Marcom industrial complex. Your talents are going to get you far. We want to show everyone who to watch out for.
  • Lifetime
    You’ve rehabilitated BP. Now you’re taking on Anthony Weiner. Your next rescue: The Kardashians. This category belongs to communicators, no matter the field, who have a career’s worth of accomplishments. We know several of you we’d like to see on this list already.


  • Boutique or Specialty
    Does your agency have an audience that you know better than most? An age group or minority community? (Side note: If you understand Millennials, can you send us a full report on them? ASAP?) Do you specialize in a product group or industry?
  • Branding
    Whether you’re launching a new brand or reinventing an established one, your team knows just how to match the spirit of a company to its outward expression.
  • B-to-B / Business Services
    Even B-to-B companies need great marketing, PR and communication services. Tell us why you’re the best agency for B-to-B companies.
  • Consulting
    Sometimes (OK, more often than not), companies just need an outside set of eyes and ears. Show us the results you’ve gotten for your clients.
  • Consumer
    Are you a virtuoso at promoting consumer packaged goods? Maybe you do better with consumer services? If your clients target consumers, we want to hear how you help them.
  • Crisis/Reputation Management
    No one wants to have to call you, but they know that you’ve got everything covered if they do. No matter how irretrievably your client bollixed up the situation, your agency gets things under control. It’s a point of pride with you.
  • Digital/Video
    Too bad Cannes doesn’t award a Palme d’Or for organizational videos. A lot of agencies say they can do digital, but not like you. It’s your specialty. You know exactly what works, what doesn’t, and what would be best for your clients.
  • Events
    From product launches, to press tours and celebrating milestones, you promote events that people can’t help but notice, even if it meant creating a monstrous traffic jam.
  • Global/Multinational
    Your company knows no boundaries except the ones between the nations you have offices in. With offices and clients scattered across the globe, you need GPS just to keep them all straight. How many tongues do you speak in?
  • Health Care
    Are your clients hospitals, pharmaceutical brands, or health care-related companies? Tell us how you bring their stories about saving patients’ lives to life.
  • Integrated Communications
    Consistency is key. You can’t stand to see fragmented messages that pull your clients in multiple directions. Tell us how you consolidated a 24-part disharmony into one beautiful melody.
  • Internal Communications
    Do you help companies with their internal communications? Whether it’s directed at employees or stakeholders, you help your clients communicate better.
  • Marketing
    Always pushing the boundary on new, exciting tactics, your agency knows just how to market your client’s products or services.
  • Market Research/Consumer Insight
    You capture elusive consumer attitudes and desires with surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, and interviews: just a few of the tools you use to understand your client’s environment. You read big data like Stephen Hawking reads physics. Show us!
  • Media Relations
    Your agency has a knack for getting your clients in contact with all the right people at all the right places. You would never seat Jennifer Lopez next to Ben Affleck at an Oscars dinner party. Tell us about how you work your media magic.
  • Public Affairs / Government
    Do you work exclusively with government agencies or municipalities? Do you thrive on the campaign trail? Know the ins and outs of the political circles? We’ll be voting “Yes” for your agency.
  • Public Relations
    People die of exposure, but not your clients. They THRIVE on it. Exposure is everything. Your team knows well how hard work and creativity lead to measurable results. Prove your chops by making our list of Ace Agencies.
  • Social Media
    Tweets. Likes. Pins. Views. You help your clients build their brands online and engage with their audiences though any number of social media platforms.
  • Website
    From building new sites, to streamlining the user’s experience, to making your client more visible online, your agency knows what it means to have a Web presence.
  • New (Under 2 years’ in business)
    Have you just started a new agency that shows great promise? Introduce yourself to our readers (your competitors) and tell us why they should be worried about you. Very worried.


  • Crisis/Reputation Management
    Does your team have a plan ready for just about any disaster? Have you rehearsed how to handle questions and respond to criticisms? Are you almost hoping for a catastrophe so you can show everybody you’ve got every angle covered? Tell us how you prepare.
  • Design
    Creative teams play a large role in most company communications: brochures, newsletters, annual reports, mailers, and more. How is this team fundamental to your organization?
  • Digital/Video
    They capture and share some of your organization’s biggest moments—and some of the most unjustly overlooked occasions. Interviews, internal memos and external messages to vendors and consumers are just the tip of the iceberg that your digital and video team tackles.
  • Internal Communications
    How do you inform and engage your employees about day-to-day activities and changes within your organization? Great teams know what their employees need and how best to deliver it.
  • Marketing
    Knowing your company’s product or service inside and out  gives your team a huge advantage over a hired outsider. Show us how you draw on insider knowledge no ad or PR agency can hope to duplicate to deliver amazing results.
  • Public and Media Relations
    As the main external voice of the organization, your team ensures that messages and placement perfectly match your company’s goals. Tell us how you get other departments and business units in the company or organization to defer to your voice and judgment.
  • Social Media
    Managing your organization’s social media accounts in-house almost invariably mean a more personal, timely, integrated messages. How do you integrate your social media so that every message reinforces other messages on other channels?
  • Website
    Your Website is crucial to your organization’s success. Why? How did you build such an entrancing nerve center and showcase for your organization? Show us how your web team made that site experience great and irresistible.
  • Small Communications Team (Less than 5 people)
    Does everybody on your team wear all the hats–Marketing/PR/Internal/Social Media? How do you keep from stepping on each other’s toes? We want to hear how your small team manages to do it all.
  • Large Communications Team (More than 5 people)
    Not exactly a small team but not big enough to have separate departments for your communication activities? Tell us how your team functions as a communications department unto itself.

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Judging Criteria

This program is about you, what you do, and how you do it!

Our panel of judges will be looking for individuals, agencies, and teams that are doing things right.  

We want to hear about your overcoming almost impossible obstacles, doing things that clients and competitors all thought couldn’t be done, getting unheard-of results with your budget, and similar wonders. More prosaically, we want to be told about how you build, maintain, and grow relationships with your clients and colleagues; about your innovative spirit; about your bold leaps and calculated risks.

We want to see what you’ve achieved! Support your entry with
examples of what you’ve produced, the success you’ve had for your
clients, and the quantifiable results that your hard work made possible.


Communicators, companies and agencies will have their profiles featured in a Special Edition of These profiles will allow links to websites or profiles online and include a statement from the judges about what makes you an Ace Communicator/Agency/Team. Each winner will also receive a trophy.

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Deadlines/Entry Fees

Deadline: Friday, September 20, 2013

For this program, the entry fee is $ 295 to nominate an agency, $ 195 to nominate an in-house team, and $ 95 to nominate individuals.

Companies with less than 2 years in business can enter the New Agency category for $ 145.
Individuals with less than 5 years of experience can enter the Up-and-Coming category for $ 45.

Late fees may be added to entries after September 20, 2013.

W-9 Form / Tax ID Number

How To Enter

Entering only takes a few clicks using our online entry system.

Supporting materials can be attached directly to the entry form or shared using the file transfer service of your choice.

You can preview the entry forms here:

If you are unable to enter or pay the entry fee using our online entry process, contact the program manager, Tyler Landry, to make arrangements for a manual entry. He can be reached at 312-960-4303 or [email protected].

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May an organization or individual enter more than one category?

Can I self-nominate or do I have to find someone to nominate me or my company?
Self-nominations indicate the presence of a natural, necessary and healthy professional ego. They are certainly welcome!

Do you accept entries from individuals and companies outside the United States?
Absolutely. We just require that entries be submitted in English.

How do I increase my chances of winning an award?
Each entry will be given equal consideration by our judges, so make sure your synopsis is as thorough as possible. In your synopsis, be sure to include results.

Do you return entry materials?

W-9 Form / Tax ID Number

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If you have any questions about this program or issues submitting your entry please call Tyler Landry at 312-960-4303 or email him at [email protected]

Sponsorship Opportunities:

If you are interested in sponsoring one of Ragan Communications’ award programs, please contact Staci Diamond at 312-960-4671 or email her at [email protected]

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September 20, 2013
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