Are You Crippling Your Social Campaign ROI with Poor Time Management? [INFOGRAPHIC]


From creative to conclusion, marketers put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their social media campaigns, with the explicit hope that they’ll catch a glimpse of the white rabbit otherwise known as ROI. But as we willingly tumble down the rabbit hole, there are many steps along the way that if mismanaged, will make your campaign feel more like a nightmare than an adventure.

The Digital Dilemma

Time and technology — how you use them makes all the difference. Too much time on a task limits optimization, which ultimately costs you revenue. Technology comes with an investment, but can save valuable time for the things that bring you more revenue. And the wheel goes round and round.

Many marketers focus on campaign components with low ROI impact potential instead of implementing the right technology during the right lifecycle phase to free up time for critical tasks like content production and strategy. There’s so much attention on manual ad creation, setup and launch for individual channels, that there’s no time left for diving into pacing, optimization and other more profitable items on the to do list. And since we aren’t going to get an extra 8 hours in the day anytime soon, we’ve put together a handy infographic to help you map out time management for your team:

Maximize Your Social Campaign Cycle

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