Apps To Improve Home Energy Efficiency


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We all would like to impact the environment …in a good way. In recent years we have been faced with scary news and updates in terms of what our world is facing as result of ozone layer problems, emissions and rain forests depletion. Even though sometimes these issues seem far away from us as individuals, it is so important that they are addressed. Even making one small change can make a difference to our environment.

Education is key and not just in re-educating adults in their behaviour. We should actively teach our children the importance of being responsible with the environment as it is their future and their children’s children future that is at stake. As adults, even making subtle every day changes to how we go about our daily lives will make a difference.

This info-graphic from Half Price Shutters in Australia details those apps that we can install that will not only help us in the quest to be more environmentally conscious but also they can help to save money!


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