Apply for a Job at SoundCloud, Get Early Access to What’s ‘Next’


What recession? SoundCloud is hiring a ton of people in Berlin, London, San Francisco, and Sofia, Bulgaria to work on their social sound platform.

To attract talented people, the company has launched a new employment website that gives applicants a sneak preview of its upgraded platform, the Next SoundCloud, which in itself makes it worth filling out an application.

Founded in 2008, SoundCloud connects musicians, podcast hosts, and anyone who works with audio with a simple tool for uploading and sharing files. In May, the company unveiled a web app that will “unmute the web” and turn SoundCloud into an audio version of curation sites like Pinterest or Tumblr. But this version of the platform is still in beta testing and will need more support.

That’s where you come in. In addition to hiring engineers, SoundCloud is also looking for marketing, insight (aka market research), community, design, HR, legal, finance, office, business development, communications, platform, and product professionals. (Try reading all of that aloud in one breath!)

In addition, the job board has been redesigned to showcase the company’s new motto, “We Work Harder,” based on 5 core values: doing things with a sense of purpose, constantly improving (or “leveling up”), striving for remarkable achievements, being open and sharing ideas, and taking the time to high-five each other for a job well done.

It’s also got some snazzy pictures of SoundCloud’s offices around the world.

You’ll find SoundCloud on the road as a sponsor of Readyforce’s  Hacker Tour 2012 or at the GoTo conference in Aarhus. Just don’t forget to take the Next SoundCloud for a spin before you stop by to introduce yourself.

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