AP says ‘over’ is an acceptable substitute for ‘more than’


A big portion of Twitter’s community of grammarians is vocally dissatisfied with the change.

By Matt Wilson | Posted: March 21, 2014

Nearly a year ago, the Associated Press changed one of the entries in the AP Stylebook that people often pointed to as an example of its strange tics: “under way.”

It became “one word in all forms,” and a handful of editors expressed their displeasure. Before that, rules for the use of “hopefully” loosened and grammarians got upset.

Those were nothing compared to the reaction change the AP announced Thursday afternoon:

The AP explained to Poynter that “over” has “become common usage.”

“We’re not dictating that people use ‘over’—only that they may use it as well as ‘more than’ to indicate greater numerical value,” said AP Stylebook Editor Darrell Christian.

Many editors and other grammar lovers simply did not buy it.

On Ragan.com’s Facebook page, the first two replies to a post about the change were simply, “Against.”

Weigh in, Ragan readers. Do you hate the change or are you over it? Are you more than into it? 

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