Announcing Storify VIP and a Very Important Partnership with WordPress


Today we’re making two big announcements involving VIPs: a Storify VIP option for professional enterprise users, and a partnership with WordPress VIP

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Thu, Mar 28 2013 18:10:24

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Announcing Storify VIP

Storify VIP is a premium service we’re launching for media organizations, publishers, or anyone wanting to deeply integrate social curation and storytelling into their site. But first, a bit of background info.

The reviews are in: Storify has become the standard for social media stories thanks to you, our amazing users, whose work now reaches more than 15 million unique readers a month. We’ve seen our traffic triple over the last year, and it’s still growing. The more than 600,000 curators registered on Storify now include major media outlets, blogs, brands, political and non-profit organizations.

We’ve been listened closely to feedback from everyone along the way, but it’s been clear for a while that professional users have had a specific, unique set of requested features to fit their major distribution needs, particularly things like advanced customization options, enterprise-class support and real-time story updating. This is exactly what we’re offering with Storify VIP.

(To be clear, the regular version of Storify we all know and love will remain free as always. Seriously, we have no plans to eliminate the free part of our service!)

Our new Storify VIP features include:
• Real-time updates: We’ll provide the infrastructure to enable dynamic, live updating of stories (ideal for live-blogging major news and events)
• Custom story display: Full CSS styling options for your story embeds and unrestricted API access for total flexibility in how Storify works with your site
• Enterprise-level support: Storify VIPs have access to priority technical support via email or phone, plus their partnership gets an enhanced Service Level Agreement
• Custom media sources: Enhance stories using your own content, including site info like posts, photos or comments, easily by creating a custom source in Storify
• Private stories: Share stories privately within your organization
Some major publishers have already been set up with our VIP program, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about working with them. You can read all about one of our first VIP partnerships here.
Interested in Storify VIP? You can find more info at and contact us at [email protected] any time.

A VIP (Very Important Partnership) with WordPress

Along with our own VIP option, we’re proud to announce that Storify is now part of the WordPress VIP program.
If you’re a publisher on WordPress VIP, it’s never been easier to integrate Storify into your blog:
• The new VIP plugin embeds Storify stories seamlessly. Just paste the link to any Storify story into the body of a post, and you’re done!
• New Storify stories can be created directly inside WordPress, as Storify’s popular drag-and-drop interface has been incorporated right into the dashboard.
Update: Thanks for the tremendous response to Storify VIP and our WordPress partnership today! We’ve already seen incredible interest, and we can’t wait to start working with more VIPs soon.

Some awesome new premium features for publishers from @Storify.

Great to see @storify unveil a paid business model with VIP features.

Ahhh, I can finally have private stories! Thank you, @Storify!!

Congrats to @Storify – the pro product seems balanced perfectly with the free product to add value for publishers.

Huge news for @Storify! Can’t wait to see how that WordPress plugin works.

[email protected] + @wordpress, eh? Like PB&J.

(Oh all right. You too, Eli 🙂

@Storify Congrats!*

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