Announcement: SMW Torino Cancelled


From time to time, we are reminded that no matter how much planning or work goes into our efforts, things will not always work out as we intended. This September is one of those. Due to a series of events beyond our control, Social Media Week in Torino will not take place.

In early August, the main venue slated to host SMW Torino had a large explosion. While there were no injuries fortunately, SMW Torino could no longer be hosted at the Torino Museum of Natural History.

Despite the support of the region, the fact that it happened so close to the event has led us to this decision. The organizations behind SMW Torino would like to thank the many expressions of support and affection received. They give meaning to the work done with passion and enthusiasm over the last eighteen months leading us to look with confidence to the coming year.

We are still looking to return to Torino next September and hope that our community in Italy continues to join us via SMW Live. Thank you immensely for understanding and your support.

Looking ahead…

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