Animal Selfies: Showing Humans How It’s Done


What makes a good selfie? Is it the angle, pose, lighting, filter, or how photogenic you are?

The answer is none of the above. As this sea eagle illustrates, it’s all about attitude — and species.


The motion-sensor camera had been set up to photograph crocodiles in Australia, but was found over 70 miles away from its original location with a video of its journey inside.

Household pets have been jumping on the selfie bandwagon, too. This cat shows us that our feline friends can be just as vain as we are when it comes to selfies — it seems several shots were needed before the cat was satisfied that its whiskers were even and its fur wasn’t making its face look fat.


(Please don’t say you’re surprised. We all know that cats rule the internet.)

And it IS actually possible that the cat took these pictures itself, just by pawing at the screen. I mean, it COULD have. But operating a touchscreen device with furry paws is probably as difficult as it is with gloves, so the jury’s out on this one.

So, what do we have next?

Determined not to be out-selfied by its arch-enemy the cat, this dog decided to try his hand (well…paw) at the art of the selfie:


But we can’t help thinking he had a little human assistance with that. In any case, he can’t have made as many attempts as that cat did, or he’d have probably covered his teeth up a bit.

We’ve yet to see any turtle selfies, but are pretty sure they’d be awesome, if only for the hashtag. #Shellfie

If there’s anything to be learned from all of these pictures, it’s this: you can primp and pose all you like, but you’ll never be as good at selfies as these animals.

Post links to YOUR animals’ selfies in the comments!

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