An Overview of the Changes in Content Strategies After Hummingbird


Digital marketing as we see it has taken another sharp turn in the recent past thanks to the new Hummingbird update from Google. Just when people began to understand that a good content marketing strategy can be your ticket to win over the search game, Google changed its rules again, and this time, the new algorithm change will affect 90% of all searches.

Now what can you do to survive this ever-changing game in the long run? Simple, you have to play the game following the new rule. To do so, you need to understand about the new update.

What Is Hummingbird Update?

Hummingbird upgrades the way Google interprets search requests by its users.

  • It is the first major upgrade for three years
  • It affects about 90% of Google searches.
  • It is giving equal stress to mobile marketing.
  • It is particularly useful for longer and complex queries  (looooong-tail keywords) than its predecessors.
  • It focuses more on ranking information as per its understanding of search requests
  • It can understand concepts and their relations with each other way better than any of its predecessors.

According to IBOXSEO, in a nutshell, to muster a content marketing strategy after Hummingbird, one needs to change his techniques, as well as mindset, about marketing.

What Remains Constant?

Amidst all these changes, there’s one thing that still remains constant. Quality content, as we speak is still the king. You need to develop an editorial calendar, communicate with your audience, understanding them, and rigorously measuring outcomes are still important.

What Needs To Change?

You need to opt for a responsive site design for your site. If your site does not load properly on smartphones, it will lose new traffic and potential customers. Paragraphs were made shorter; design created more white space and used visuals sparingly.

Creating a mobile content strategy is no longer an option in your digital marketing efforts. You need to give it some serious thought and act upon it.  With almost 46% people using their smartphones to search the web, you need to chalk out and implement an effective mobile content strategy.

46 percent people using their smartphones to search the web

So What Are The Prerequisites On Content Marketing Strategy For Mobile?

There are some basic rules for a successful content marketing strategy for mobile:

  1. Short content gets more attention on mobile than long texts. On the other hand, long posts are essential for great SEO. So, the role of summaries and introductions will be much more important after Hummingbird.
  2. Visual content such as image (for Pinterest, Instagram), infographic, video, and micro-video (for Vine) too are great tools to engage mobile users.
  3. Mobile users generally have a strong social media presence, and they love to share what they love. Therefore, the content needs to be social media friendly and easy to share.
  4. Using tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to determine what people are doing on your site will give you an insight about what they want. Develop topics of their interest to keep them hooked.
  5. Use a mobile-friendly email marketing template for your newsletters and subscriber outreach.
  6. Keep your headlines short (60 characters max.).

Google Hummingbird demands that you put equal stress on chalking out a mobile marketing strategy. So, now you need to give stress to both text and visual content to stay on the top of the game.