America’s most infamous murderers apparently filed this handwritten motion in Valley wage-fixing suit


A booking photo of Colorado shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes is shown in this handout supplied by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office in Centennial, ColoradoIf you thought the Techtopus Silicon Valley wage fixing scandal, and ensuing settlement, couldn’t get any more grotesque… you ain’t read nothing yet.

Late yesterday, a handwritten “motion to intervene” document was entered into the public record, purporting to be from Pennsylvania prison inmate Christopher Donnelly, and signed by a group of America’s most infamous murderers. The scrawled letter, embedded below, cites “newly discovered evidence” in the wage fixing scandal and asks that the following people be permitted to intervene in the settlement, along with Donnelly… Christopher Wirth, William Parker, Jimmy James Thule, Jared Lee Loughner, Jodi Ann Arias, James Holmes, Terry Lynn Nichols.

Loughner is, of course, the Arizona shooter who shot 19 people including Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Jodi Ann Arias made headlines for months before being convicted of brutally murdering her boyfriend, Terry Lynn Nichols was an accomplice in the Oklahoma bombing and James Holmes was is the Colorado movie shooter.

It hopefully goes without saying that the letter has all the hallmarks of a sick prank, or at least the delusions of Donnelly. According to Law360, Donnelly previously filed a similar motion, with “Arias,” “Wirth” and “Holmes” in the Apple and Samsung Patent battle. E! Online reported that Donnelly once filed suit against a WWE “Diva” for forcing him into prostitution.

Earlier this month, I reported that someone had filed a fake motion in the Techtopus case, asking that Judge Lucy Koh be recused due to her ties with the Obama administration.