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To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week

LinkedIn Announces All Groups Will Be Made Private: In an effort to improve the quality of conversation in groups, “…only Group members will be able to see the contents of conversations, and only members will be allowed to contribute. LinkedIn also won’t allow search engines to crawl the discussions, another key, it believes, to providing a trusted private space for people to communicate.”

Facebook Slowly Rolls Out Reactions: Facebook is “beginning to test Reactions – an extension of the Like button that gives people more ways to share their reaction to a post in a quick and easy way.” Facebook will begin testing this new feature in two markets, Spain and Ireland, “to make sure to get [it] right” before releasing it more widely.

Twitter Debuts Moments in the U.S.: “Moments helps you find the best of Twitter as easily as tapping an icon – regardless of who you follow. Just visit the new tab called Moments, where you will discover stories unfolding on Twitter.”

Facebook Opens Lead Ads to All Advertisers: “Now lead ads are available to advertisers everywhere with a host of additional features that make signing up for business information easy for people and more valuable for businesses.”

Facebook Rolls Out Verified Badges for Local Business Pages: Facebook has “started rolling out verified badges for local businesses,” which will help people “find the right and authentic accounts” for local merchants. Currently, theses verified badges “are available for businesses with a physical location in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.”

Periscope Delivers Embeddable “On Air” Button for Broadcasters: The new Periscope On Air button “displays the user’s live status and username. The special thing about the widget is that it comes to life when you’re LIVE!”

periscope on air button

“If the user is LIVE when the profile page loads, their broadcast will automatically start playing.”

Facebook Establishes New Audience Network Performance Metric: The new Advertiser Outcome Score (AOS) for the Audience Network is “a measurement system that evaluates publishers’ ad placements by their ability to drive outcomes for advertisers, such as app installs, purchases or registrations.”

facebook advertiser outcome score

“Advertiser Outcome Score can be viewed by publishers in the Audience Network dashboard and helps them easily identify opportunities for optimization.”

Our Take on Top News This Week

In this blab from October 9, 2015, Michael Stelzner and guests discuss the top news in social media. Discussion topics include the upcoming changes to LinkedIn groups, enhanced features for Facebook Notes, the introduction of Twitter Moments and the announcement of  Facebook Reactions. Subscribe to future shows here.

More social media news worth noting:

Facebook Mobile Integrates In-App Photo Editor Tool, Doodle: Facebook’s latest photo editing feature, Doodle, “lets users draw on photos” and “joins the built-in filters, text overlays and stickers users can add to their pictures through the Facebook app.”

YouTube App for iOS: This newly redesigned app for iPhone and iPad makes it easier to find what you love on YouTube and offers new in-app editing tools.

youtube app for ios editing tools

YouTube users can “create fun videos on the fly with new in-app editing tools.”

Pinterest Expands Buyable Pins to More Retailers and Platforms: Pinterest is “excited to bring Buyable Pins to new commerce platforms so more businesses can sell their products on Pinterest.”

pinterest expands buyable pins

“There are now more than 60 million Buyable Pins available on Pinterest!”

Medium Announces New Features and Design to Mobile and Desktop: Medium added “a slew of updates to bring [it] to the next level and in the process make it more powerful, more fun, more democratic and more essential.”

Facebook Introduces New Tools and Resources for Broadcasters: Facebook rolled out “a new set of tools and resources – and some improvements to existing products – to help broadcasters more deeply engage fans.”

Vine Shows Similar Vines for Android: “When you tap Similar Vines under a post, you’ll see additional Vines based on the new recommendation engine [Vine has] been working on.”

Tumblr Includes “More You Might Like” in Posts: You can now “have your post pages show related posts from the rest of your Tumblr.”

tumblr more you might like

“Give passers-by a sense of your whole oeuvre from a single post.”

Other upcoming social media news worth following:

Twitter Announces Video Monetization at Scale for Twitter Amplify: “With this update, advertisers can run video ads against premium content automatically based on their preferred content categories — without having an existing publisher-advertiser deal in place.” This new offering is “now available in beta to select publishers and advertisers in the U.S., with plans to expand globally over time.”

twitter ammplify video monetization

This new offering is designed to let “more publishers and creators monetize their video content on Twitter, while making it easier for advertisers to reach massive audiences and sponsor great content.”

Reddit Launches Digital Magazine, Upvoted: “The site will feature anywhere between 10-40 stories a day, written by a team of writers and editors. They will scour every nook and cranny to cover Reddit’s untold stories, conduct interviews, and, in some cases, orchestrate podcasts or video content.”

reddit upvoted digital publication

“With Upvoted, editorial, original video, podcasts and graphic art have a place to thrive and tell Reddit’s tales in the most creative ways possible.”

Google Introduces Accelerated Mobile Pages Project: Working with publishers and technology companies including Twitter, Pinterest,, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn, Google announced “a new open source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages, which aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.”

google accelerated web

The AMP project ensures “the mobile web works better and faster for everyone, everywhere.”

Here are some cool social media tools worth checking out:

Lightroom Mobile App: This free iOS app is now available as a stand-alone mobile image editor. The same update for Android is coming soon.

lightroom mobile app

“Unleash your creativity with free access to Lightroom for as long as you’d like on your smartphone or tablet.”

Dataminr for News: This real-time discovery tool transforms data from Twitter and other public sources into actionable signals, identifying relevant news as it’s breaking.

dataminr for news

“Dataminr transforms the Twitter stream and other public datasets into actionable signals, discovering must-know information in real time.”

Some Interesting Studies to Note:

U.S. Smartphone Subscriber Market Share: This July 2015 U.S. market report from comScore MobiLens and Mobile Metrix examined key smartphone trends including the top mobile apps. The findings show that Facebook’s main mobile app ranked as the top smartphone app, reaching 73.3% of U.S. users. This is followed by Facebook Messenger (59.5%), YouTube (59.3%) and Google Search (52%).

Pew Internet Research Center Social Media Usage Study: When Pew Research Center began tracking social media usage in 2005, only 7% of American adults were using social networking sites. Over the past decade, nearly two-thirds of American adults (65%) now use social networking sites. The study also explored demographic trends across age, gender, race, ethnic, community and socioeconomic differences.

Digital Publishing: Increasing Advertiser Value Through Data and Identity: Econsultancy surveyed client-side marketers, managers and executives working within publishers that have an online presence. Forty percent of digital publishers surveyed describe their display ad revenue as either stagnant or shrinking, yet spending on this channel continues to increase. In the U.S. alone, publishers currently spend $ 25 billion annually on display ads, and this number is growing about 20% year-on-year.

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social media examiner weekly news october 10 2015

All LinkedIn Groups Becoming Private and other social media news for October 10, 2015.

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