1st Class Fashiona photo sharing network dedicated to personal style, gives their trend forecast for the year ahead – sheer fabrics and panelling.

Fluid and ever changing, it’s easy to blink and find that you’ve fallen behind on the latest trends. The easiest way to stay current is to keep an eye looking toward the future when purchasing now. With this method, you’ll increase the mileage potential for your favourite pieces. In our trend forecast, we’ll help you weather the storm of fashion to get more out of your purchases this season. It’s a new year with new styles, but you may not need a new wardrobe if you start preparing for the upcoming trends today.

One style we saw all over the runways for Spring/Summer 2014 is a liberal use of sheer fabrics and paneling. Thankfully, this trend is also currently in style, so be sure to keep any pieces you may already have to style in new ways come the warmer weather.

Sheer. 1STCF

Keep an eye out for sheer lace designs, similar to the lace slip trend we saw this fall. Valentino used rich fall colours for their S/S 14 line, while Burberry took a pastel bent for their sheer lace designs. This makes transitioning your fall lace stress free since a wide range of shades fall within this category.
Sheer II. 1STCF
Marni was a fan of the sheer panel with a floral pattern design, harkening the floral grunge movement we saw in the fall. Incorporate your floral designs with a simple dark sheer top for an instant update for the new year.
Sheer III. 1STCF

Use these subtle and attention grabbing ways to incorporate sheers into your wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2014. You can go bold by letting the sheers remain see through, or use a few layers to keep it more conservative. Either way, you’ll be ahead of the curve and 1st class. Sheer brilliance!

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