Advertisers Think They’re Already Using Facebook Video Ads


Since the end of 2012, there have been reports of Facebook rolling out a new video ads. AdAge said we could expect to start seeing video ads in the early part of 2013 but here we are nearly a year later and no official word from Facebook.

According to a recent survey conducted by Mixpo, provider of multi-screen video solutions, more than 30 percent of ad agency executives think they’re already paying to run Facebook video ads. Of course, this capability isn’t even available yet. Carrion belives many advertisers are confusing the free social media videos with native advertising, but she says, it’s not actually an ad unless you pay for it.

“You can post video,” says Emily Carrion, Director of Communications for Mixpo. “If Oreo makes a video about how to make a cake with Oreo cookies, they can post that to their with no problem. It’s definitely video marketing but they don’t actually have to pay anything for that.”

And here’s the key difference between the two. Anyone can post a video for free and it could even go viral. Native ads are paid placement for content intended to appear like a natural part of the newsfeed. While the former is something people have been doing for years, the later is something social media platforms have yet to offer yet.

Still, based on the results of the Mixpo study, Facebook is the most important platform in their social media campaigns. If and when Facebook starts serving up video ads in the newsfeed, 50 percent of the marketing execs surveyed by Mixpo say they’re planning to leverage this new opportunity.

Here’s an infographic breaking down more of the data from the Mixpo survey.

Mixpo Cheat Sheet - Social Video Advertising Infographic


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