Advantages and disadvantages of gaming on a Blackberry


Social networking is not the deciding factor when looking at new smartphones anymore. In the past, one of the top names in smartphones was BlackBerry. These devices were well liked for the features they provided, the social connection with BlackBerry messenger, the Facebook integration and their email system. However, in recent years due to stiff competition from Apple and Android, BlackBerry ownership has declined. While some consumers look for a phone that can work well for gaming and social reasons, BlackBerry devices aren't typically the choice of gamers. Traditionally, BlackBerry has had a dedicated keyboard on the face of the phone. As a result, this limited the size of the display screen. From a gamers' perspective, this was a disadvantage as it made it much more difficult to see what they were doing.

In an attempt to compete with these other mobile phones, BlackBerry has made some changes to its classic design, allowing access to some of the best casinos online at It now does offer a touchscreen model with a larger display, if one is a BlackBerry fan and wishes to participate in gaming, these models would provide the most advantages. For instance, when playing games such as slots, BlackBerry touchscreen owners find it much easier to select the appropriate functions for these quick games. The BlackBerry phones without touchscreens simply aren't good gaming phones.

For those fans of baseball, there is a baseball themed slot machine that operates quite well on the BlackBerry touchscreen. Known as Hot Shot, this slot machine is a five reel and 9 payline slot. The symbols on the reels come right from the sport of baseball with player positions like the batter and pitcher. A baseball cap is another symbol players can find on the reels. Compared to other slots, this one is rather competitive given the baseball theme. It also has features, such as the wild ball, which can help improve one's chances of winning. Playing the Hot Shot slot machine permits players to experience the excitement of baseball at anytime of the year, even during the baseball offseason.

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