Adopting Google+ Is Easier Than You Think–and Worth It!


Ignore all the “ghost town” and “dying” references to Google+ and stop comparing it to Facebook. Instead look at Google+ as a three-year-old project weaving through the products of some of our favorite—and most powerful—content and visibility platforms in the world.

Google+ can help you…

• Get credit for your Web presence by connecting your brand page to your website.

• Have a more robust presence in Maps by claiming your local listing.

• Set up a vibrant YouTube channel that can host live, interactive events and become core content that you repurpose until you’re as blue in the face as the cover of Content Rules.

And if you do have a community of engaged users on the social website, why would you neglect them?

How One Company Came to Embrace Google+

I had the pleasure of sitting down with MarketingProfs marketing manager Rob Zaleski to talk about how he spearheaded the Google+ adoption for MarketingProfs. Our live audience saw first-hand how much of a difference just being there on Google+ had on the company’s follower count, traffic, and brand perception.

This interview is part of the Google+ feature set called Hangouts On Air, which comes with an interactive event page and then becomes a YouTube video, which I timestamped here on Google+, which became a URL that got indexed and associated with my brand page (and listed as a comment on the YouTube video). And now, the video is embedded here, helping MarketingProfs’ time-on-site metrics as you watch it. Talk about bang for your buck!

Key Takeaways About How MarketingProfs Adopted Google+
The time stamps (mm:ss) refer to the point in the video where we started talking about the topic mentioned.

5:28—How did Rob make the pitch to justify spending time on Google+? Not by looking at traffic but by looking at audience. And as you can see in the chart below, the more responsive the MarketingProfs page became on Google+, the more often it was tagged, too.

10:00—How does Rob manage the workflow for the brand page on Google+ (and other social channels for the brand)? A combination of Buffer, Oktopost, and some secret sauce for notifications and circle management. Managing the workflow isn’t hard to do… He only drops in two to three times per day to manage the presence.

25:45—Changing the perception of MarketingProfs being active on Google+ has improved inbound traffic and mentions, which helps justify the time spent. Again, just being present on Google+ proves value in itself. Moreover, the segment gets better, as you can see in the chart below, MarketingProfs was able to sustain that engagement even when Rob had to pull back from posting because he was at the MarketingProfs B2B Conference.

So there you have it: proof positive that just spending a little time on the Google+ platform can build awareness and eventually turn into real, measurable results like signups. Will you be adding Google+ to your marketing mix in 2015?

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