ABC News Facebook Page Tops 3M Likes; Up 2M In Less Than One Year


ABCNews3M650Not quite one year ago, ABC News reached the 1 million-like milestone on Facebook. Earlier this week, it tripled that milestone, topping 3 million likes, meaning that it added 2 million in a little less than 12 months.

ABC News Social Media Editor Andrew Springer offered his thoughts on the page’s growth:

We’ve focused not only on posting stories that we know are highly shareable, but also on finding more social angles for the news that people need to know. We’ve always viewed Facebook and social media not as marketing platforms, but as editorial channels to inform and empower users to change the world and their future. And I think the response to that is showing in growth across our accounts.

Springer added that the “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer” page is rapidly approaching the 1 million-like mark, with more than 987,000 at the time of this post.

Readers: Are you surprised at the rapid growth by the ABC News Facebook page?