A Working Girl’s Guide to the DryBar: My Review

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A Working Girl's Guide to the DryBar My Review

As a Working Girl, most of what we do must be done on the fly. We’ve got a lot packed in our day, so we have to make the most out of it. When we are able to find things that can help make us more efficient while getting the job done, it can be a win/win, and something we appreciate. The invention of the “blow dry bar” helps us stay looking well-coiffed and professional in a timely manner. Who has all day to be in the salon spending hours and hours getting washed and curled?

Whilst in New York City celebrating my son’s 21st birthday, I decided to partake in a little much needed pampering for my tresses. Since this was the second leg of my East Coast trip and a week since my hair had been done, I thought I would visit the Drybar in the Flatiron District to see what the buzz is about. Drybar is the preeminent resource for getting your hair washed and styled, taking the fuss out of the maintenance of your hair. It’s become a booming business, and while there are many copycats, there’s only one original Drybar. So I visited it to check out the scene for myself.

Here’s my Working Girl’s Guide to the DryBar:

Make an appointment easy, breezy

I was able to make a last minute appointment online on my iPad. After doing a quick search of blowdry bars, the Drybar had the most available locations and times to choose from that were perfect for my schedule. I selected an 8:30pm appointment since my son and I would be spending his birthday together trekking through the city during the day, and was able to book the appointment as well as leave a special note to the stylist who would be doing my hair: I noted that I had African American textured hair that was color treated, and also selected the services I wanted.

Efficiency meets fabulosity

Once you arrive, you check in and are treated to a beverage of your choice. For me, this was smooth sailing as I arrived about 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment. After sitting down and going through the menu of services, my stylist came to greet me and seated me at her chair. The entire experience is efficient as to get you in and out without much of a delay. You can easily get taken of at the Drybar during your lunch hour or after work without it taking up too much of your time.

The DryBar Flatiron

Products and Service

The Drybar has a wall filled with their own products that are created for the perfect blowout. Because I have color and chemically treated hair, I opted for their newest conditioning service called the Mudslide, for dry and damaged hair. This includes a 10 minute “floater” or scalp massage while the product works it’s magic. Everything you need to recreate your blowout is available for you to purchase during your visit—flatiron, curling wands, hair clips, shampoo, conditioner, holding spray, and more. They even have small travel sizes available and bundles that are affordable.

The DryBar store products

Get in/Get Out

Time is of the essence, so when you visit the Drybar, you are paying for swift service. There’s no bouncing around from client to client here. Your stylist works on you and only you during your appointment. I was treated to an amazing shampoo and scalp massage, and the Mudslide treatment made my hair bouncy and soft. My appointment began promptly at 8:30 and I was finished at about 9:15. While being styled, I was able to watch Four Weddings and a Funeral on the boob tube. This is so not what I’m used to during a typical salon service, but a blow dry bar is different. The DryBar NYC

Whip Your Hair

Once my stylist was finished with my hair, I loved the outcome. Bouncy and ready for the weekend. I was skeptical that a blow dry bar could give me the results that I am used to, but it exceeded my expectations. Not only was my hair styled to perfection with soft curls, but it was done in half the time that I am used to. For career chicks with hectic schedules, Drybar is indeed a viable option.

Price is Right

For The Cosmo blowout with bouncy soft curls and the Mudslide conditioning treatment with 10 minute scalp massage, I paid $ 73.00 (before gratuity). This also included a travel size of the Mudslide conditioner, what was left after my treatment. For personalized, speedy service and a cute hairdo, I’d say it was well worth the price. If you are thinking that the Drybar will be you usual go-to option, there are memberships available. With the Barfly membership, you can get 2 blowouts a month for $ 75.00. If I had a Drybar in St. Louis, I would definitely sign up! For cuts and color and chemical treatments, the Drybar isn’t the place to go to. But for in between shampooing and styling for the gal on the run, the Drybar is a perfect alternative. I had no complaints about my service.

Check out the video of my finished Drybar look:  

The Cubicle Chick