A tale of two popes: Francis vs his predecessor




Much has been made of how Pope Francis is modernizing the Catholic church. But what are some of the other differences between him and his predecessor, Pope Benedict?

In part, it comes down to their earthly possessions

Benedict famously preferred the finer things in life, earning him the nickname “the Prada Pope.” Francis, known as the “People’s Pope,” has focused less on material goods

A Christian who is too attached to riches has lost his way.

— Pope Francis (@Pontifex) August 25, 2015

But how do the two really stack up?

His tech

Pope Francis wins the tech game. Pope Benedict reportedly owned a specially-engraved iPad nano — given to him by a group of Vatican Radio employees for his 75th birthday. But Pope Francis once owned a personalized iPad — until he gave it away to a charity auction to benefit a school in Uruguay. The iPad fetched more than $ 30,000. Read more…

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