A New Vision for SMW NYC: Introducing Campus


Each year, we challenge each of our participating cities to take a new look and approach to how we do SMW. We believe the creativity within each of these cities does provide a better experience. And as we look to 2014, our initial SMW city, New York, is taking our theme of The Future of Now and rethinking how SMW NYC is done.

Over the past 5 years, SMW NYC has truly embodied our distributed approach, hosting events at numerous hubs throughout the city. This year though, the team wants to focus down and help us be more present and immersed.

This year, SMW NYC reinvents itself with a new vision for how we can bring people together. Over the course of the week in February, they will gather 10,000 hyper-connected individuals in New York City to discuss how to be MORE present living in our networked age, how to build purpose into our communications, and how to be a more sustainable and connected brand.


For the first time, SMW NYC is introducing a central campus experience, comprised of 3 main theaters, masterclass workshops, co-working and collaboration spaces, lounges, and private meeting rooms. Campus will also debut the Digital Native Brands Marketplace, which will bring together brands and digitally connected consumers; The Future of Now Public Exhibition, which will show us how global brands are shaping our future; and a CMO Summit exclusively for senior marketers focusing on the future of brand communications. All of this in our new Campus will be hosted at Highline Stages.

As part of this new Campus experience, you will forge new relationships with like-minded professionals, gain insight into how to apply systemic changes to your life and work, and deepen your understanding for what the future will look like. We can’t wait to show it to you.

We look forward to highlighting this shift and seeing what other cities do to keep reinventing how we discuss The Future of Now. Join us in one of our participating cities this February 17-21!

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