There has been sufficient time spent with friends enjoying Don Julio 1942 Tequila this festive period. The evening of the 31st has been spent excessively eating, drinking and spending, yet fast forward a few hours and we swiftly make a promise to give up all those vices we so enjoy. It’s now time to get back down to business, gentlemanly business. Put an aspirin in that first scotch of the morning and knuckle down to some gentlemanly resolutions you should be aiming for in 2015. 

Scrub Up

Take pride in your grooming ritual this year. We live in an age where rugged manliness is fashionable but keep that designer stubble or beard trimmed. If you’d rather sport the clean-shaven look, invest in a quality razor. A well-groomed man with a nice scent is to be respected.

Get Your Handicap Down

Every gentleman should know how to play golf. Some say if you want to win a new contract from a client, take them for a round of golf (if you let your client win, you’re over half way to the deal). The art of playing better is practise, practise and practise. Get to the range on those cold nights and by the time spring comes you will be ready to be the next Tiger.

Host An Amazing Dinner Party

The best tip I can give is that dinner is important, but not as important as a good time. You’re not a Michelin starred chef and your friends are not going to expect you to cook like one. The more time you spend fussing in the kitchen and worrying about plating up, the less time you’re spending being a great host. Always remember to keep the dishes simple, so do as much cooking in advance as possible, try to be selective and choose dishes that can be brought out at the same time. Avoid any fancy plating up maneuvers and always cook enough. A gentleman always expects the unexpected.

Wear More Tweed

Why not?

Get Back On Your Bike

You wouldn’t want to run the mileage on your Aston Martin DB5 too high, so think about substituting those shorter trips for some fresh air on the bicycle.

Be The Best Gentleman You Can Be

Try to be a perfect gentleman every day, whether it’s opening doors or striving to be the best dressed or just generally promoting the gentlemanly way of doing things when going about your everyday life. A gentleman is always discreet, he doesn’t boast nor is he egotistical. Being a perfect gentleman may not come naturally to everyone but moving into 2015, try to be the best gentleman you can be. If it really doesn’t come effortlessly read a few more of my columns and by the end of 2015 you will be a perfect gentleman just like me.

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