A Fine Frenzy’s Interactive Ebook Picks Up Where Album Left Off


The Story of Pines ebook

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Singer-songwriter Alison Sudol, best known as A Fine Frenzy, unleashed an interactive ebook and animated short film Tuesday to coincide with the release of her nature-inspired third album, Pines.

Sudol wrote the The Story of Pines companion ebook and lyrics on Pines to combat the stressful emotions she felt about the fact-paced lifestyle she and people around her were seemingly forcing themselves to live.

“I was in a very low place when I started this album — I got lost and it was terrifying,” Sudol told Mashable while giving us a test-drive of the ebook. “I couldn’t fit my whole story onto the record so I did this book.”

Along the way, Sudol got happier. Her deceleration paved the…
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