Passionately dedicated, refreshingly down-to-earth, Amala founder Ute Leube radiates enthusiasm. Amala provides exceptional skincare inspired by plants and mother nature. Here we speak to to Ute about her enthusiasm for plants, their remarkable healing benefits, and most importantly, for all living things.

Was it difficult to launch such a natural range years ago when there wasn’t as much awareness as now about going back to using plant based products?

Germany, where the Amala products are produced, is known as a place entrenched in herbal lore and natural healing. These natural practices inspired Amala. When we started with organic farming 30 years ago, people wondered what we were doing, why we were doing it, and did not think we could change the world. We recognized it was just one small first step, but that it was a necessary step.  Today everybody wants to have organic products. It is the best example of how a small change can make a big difference.

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We saw an opportunity to create a truly natural skincare line for premier luxury spas that would deliver results using only the finest, most beneficial plant ingredients. Our goal was to raise the bar for proven efficacy and refined luxury in the natural skincare market. We couldn’t imagine developing anything other than authentic all-natural products. Natural ingredients are powerful and their living actives nurture and strengthen the body in a holistic way. We know that a healthy body naturally looks its most vibrant and beautiful. This inspires us and is at the heart of our vision for Amala.

Can you tell us about the importance and difference in using plant based products for the skin?

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The skin fully recognises all the plant actives in Amala products as the nutritive building blocks of its own structure – so the skin’s ability to strengthen and repair itself is greatly enhanced. The alternative – processed, isolated plant ingredients, or synthetic chemicals – can provide a superficial, fleeting smoothing effect, but goes largely unrecognised by the body and ultimately distracts the skin from its vital repair activities.  Our products work with the skin, not against it, to deliver healthy, authentic, lasting results from the inside out. Nature is extremely powerful; we parlay this power into our products. Our third-party clinical studies demonstrate that our all-natural products provide similar, or even superior, results to chemically-based products.

Is there one particular thing or quality you would say has really contributed to your success as a brand?  

We simply believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice responsibility for results. We felt that people who are conscious of their health, what they put in and on their body, would also want a healthy, clean, high efficient and nutritious skin care solution that was not fortified with chemicals, synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives. If all things are equal from an efficacy perspective, the choice is rather easy!

What are your favorite products? 

The Amala products I absolutely cannot live without are: Rejuvenate Advanced Firming Complex, Soothing Lip Salve and Hydrating Yogurt Mask. They come with me wherever I go!

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