A Few of Our Favorite Events for SMW13 September


First time to SMW? Or veteran looking for some inspiration? We want to help. With more than 700 events on our global schedule, you may overlook some hidden gems. So, here’s our first edition of our Favorite Events This September. We recommend you book your spot on these events before they sell out.


A Conversation With Morningstar Founder Joe Mansueto in Chicago
The world of investing has changed dramatically since Morningstar’s founder Joe Mansueto started the company in his Lincoln Park apartment in 1984. Join Melissa Harris, business columnist for the Chicago Tribune, for a conversation with Joe to hear how Morningstar’s business has evolved from delivering content in print to digital, the rise of mobile, and the company’s focus on quality.

Hitting the Crowdfunding Jackpot: How The LA2050 Challenge Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving in LA
In Spring 2013, LA2050 invited LA-based organizations to dream of the most innovative and creative ways to tackle Los Angeles’ biggest problems. Of the top ten voted projects in each indicator, the Goldhirsh Foundation chose one project per indicator and two “wild cards” to receive $ 100,000 to implement their idea. At this SMW LA event, both winners and non-winners of My LA2050 will be featured, in order to showcase the value of crowdsourcing from multiple perspectives: those who successfully initiated a social campaign – online and offline – and won, as well as those who made a success out of losing.

A Digital State of the Nation in Toronto
Bryan Segal will offer an empirical view into what Canadians are doing online, in mobile, and on their tablets – in comparison to the rest of the world. Canada has a lot to offer- don’t overlook this event to see what it is.


Muck Rack’s #MuckedUp with the Chicago Tribune in Chicago
Our partners Muck Rack and the Chicago Tribune joined up to host a Chicago edition of #MuckedUp. This will be a fun and powerful after work meetup for journalists, PR, and media professionals to talk about the age of social media. Don’t miss out!

Freelancers’ & Interns’ Rights — Building a Movement in Berlin
Freelancers and interns are becoming a significant part of the workforce. But who is looking out for their working conditions, and the long term consequences of their uncertain lifestyle? In a special double event featuring Joel Dullroy and Katja Petrova, we look at the various campaigns emerging to fight on behalf of freelancers and interns.

Digital Diplomacy — As Told Through Embassies in Berlin
Featuring representatives from the embassies of Chile, Israel and the US, SMW Berlin will look at how representatives of of various governments handle the voice of their respective countries through social media. These 3 embassies will share how as a community manager for an Embassy they are able to answer the various questions that come through public forums and their approaches to achieving the goals of their respective countries through these channels.

Slicing Pie in Bogotá
You and a partner go in “50/50” on a new business. You do all the work, he owns half the company. Now what? Slicing Pie outlines a simple method for dividing equity in an early stage company that tells you exactly the right number of shares for each participant. We think all entrepreneurs may want to sit in on this one.

Get Noticed Online: The Basics of Advertising on Social Media Networks in London
Did you know you’re now more likely to climb Mount Everest than click a banner ad? An interesting stat that has huge implications for online advertising. HootSuite is pulling together a practical session to explore:
The basics of social advertising: What are social ads?
Why you should use them.
How to use social advertising to boost your ROI and enhance your online marketing

Traditional Social Media – Done! What next? – Influencer Relations in Mumbai
This SMW Mumbai event will provide an overview of the increasing dependency of brands on influencers and successful case studies.

A história certa na mídia certa: adaptando seu conteúdo para múltiplas mídias. in São Paulo
What is transmedia storytelling and what does it actually mean? What techniques are hidden behind the buzzwords. We will discuss how to transform an idea into the project and adapt it to the different media and formats using multiple social networks.

Shazam for Politics in Toronto
Find out how social media and social television can make politics more engaging. Jennifer Hollett, co-founder of Super PAC App, will share her experience launching a transparency app for political TV ads that debuted #1 in its category in the App Store. Social media offers us new and creative ways to get citizens more active in politics and social issues, and this event is for anyone looking to explore how.


Look At All These Open Positions! 1,000 Open Jobs in Berlin’s Booming Startup & Tech Scene in Berlin
Looking for a job in Berlin? This is your event! Companies are searching for competent employees, while the city is swimming with competent people looking for work – how can the connections be made? SMW Berlin will look at the ways you can connect to employers, giving you the edge.

The Tweet Is Right! in London
Our partners Meltwater are bringing you social media networking with a twist with this game-show themed networking party. The Tweet is Right is a live, social media themed version of the classic game show, The Price is Right. Featuring a free bar, DJ and nibbles, you’ll be able to compete for prizes and network.

A Conversation with Rachel Zoe Media Group CEO & West Coast Editor of Vanity Fair in LA
Come join us for a fireside chat between with Rachel Zoe Media Group CEO, Rodger Berman and West Coast Editor of Vanity Fair, Krista Smith. The two will discuss fashion in the age of social media and reality television and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur both in front of and behind the camera.

Video on Demand e o futuro da televisão in São Paulo
With Video on Demand + Social Media changing the business model of television, is it time to say it can kill those who do not upgrade? SMW SP brings a look at the future of video and entertainment.

Feminism Online: Taboo or Top of Mind? in Toronto
What do the Facebook fans of a large Canadian online female community, including both girls and women, have in common? While the obvious common denominator for an all-female audience is gender, there’s lots of room for similarities and many differences – like pink being ‘too girlie’ for some, but ‘just another colour’ for others. This micro-session will look at Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada Facebook fan page posts to see what engaged, and at times enraged, their audience. It will also offer suggestions for managing an online gendered-community. It goes hand in hand with our Gender 50/50 initiative.


El Community Management No es Social Media // Community Management is Not Social Media in Bogotá
Think you know what a community manager is? You may want to catch this combination presentation / workshop first. SMW Bogotá will explore the evolution of the community management discipline — aiming to dispel some misconceptions and creating a distinction for the role of community management both on social media and off.

La Singularidad Social: Cuando la Hiper-Comunicación se Vuleve el Status Quo // The Social Singularity in Bogotá
We’re 24/7 newsfeed junkies, with our devices wired for our latest, fastest content fixes. We’ve all become professional social networkers, connecting our family, friends, colleagues, congregations, and employers into more complex circles of live digital communication. But, where has all of this taken us? This event asks teh question: are we about arrive into a new social singularity, where everything from our most personal thoughts to the voices of millions, all live in hyper connected on the grid?

MADE: World Star in Chicago
World Star Hip Hop has been coined the “CNN of the ghetto.” Most teens receive breaking “news” via WSHH which generates over 200m user impressions monthly. This event will explore the challenges WSHH has faced and the future of hip hop journalism.

Designing Your Day: Using Design Thinking to get the Most from Each Day in London
An iteration of one of SMW NYC’s most popular mastclasses, Nokia’s Smarter Everyday project has been looking at how we can work more effectively in an age of information overload and hyper-connectedness. This talk from Brilliant Noise’s Antony Mayfield will share insights from the ebook “Design Your Day”, informed by neuroscience, psychology and the challenge of “treating each day as a prototype”. It’s practical, informative and will help you be more productive. Sign up now.

Social Media Analytics – Going Beyond Numbers in Mumbai
There’s a dire need for agencies & brands to understand the importance of Insights prior to creating campaigns or communicating with their consumers. But knowing which insights are important is key. This SMW Mumbai event will provide insight onto how social media research goes beyond the tool you opt for or the numbers it gives you.

Nokia Music4Change in Mumbai
Partnering with Nokia, SMW Mumbai is providing a platform for up-and-coming musicians to showcase their talent and the music genre they represent. Following a live performance, we’ll have a talk or discussion on their art & music.

Political correctness and social networks in São Paulo
What are the limits of traditional content> How does alternative content, humor, porn, erotica, deep web, and the like fit in today’s world? A deep discussion on what’s correct and what’s towing the line.

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