A February Baby: SMW Barcelona Makes a Move


Planning a global conference takes an immense amount of coordination. We work to ensure our February and September dates are prime for each of our host cities, factoring in weather, holidays and the community.

Sometimes, in the midst of all of this, we see a better opportunity for one of our host cities. Planning for SMW Barcelona is going great, but we have seen a great opportunity to make it even better. As plans have developed to host SMW in this metropolis for a second time, we’ve realized there is a great opportunity to have an even bigger impact for the event by moving it February, where it can serve as a lead-in to Mobile World Congress and help to make Barcelona one of the foremost cities in the tech and mobile conversation this winter.

“February is a great opportunity to start debating about social media and sharing local experiences from innovative companies to warm up the city. We will provide an even better experience to our attendees through an open and collaborative event with even more relevant speakers and activities in great locations all around the city.” — Antonio Guerrero, New Business & Social Media Strategist at Buzz Marketing Networks

This move will allow the community of Barcelona to fully take part in all of our activities. With Barcelona hosting Mobile World Congress, SMW14 will be well-positioned to be highlighted not just the throughout the city but all of Spain and the rest of Europe.

Hosting SMW BCN in February will create new opportunities for the event and we expect to see a significant jump in participation next year; we hope you join us.

Social Media Week