9 Ways to Give Your Infographic a New Life


9 Ways to Give Your Infographic a New Life image Recycle Content from a Time Consuming Infographic

There are many ways content marketers can reincarnate an infographic because it shouldn’t just have one life to live. Most marketers say that time is the biggest roadblock to creating high-quality content, let alone infographics. Building an infographic is a big investment financially; it also takes a lot of time and resources from your content team. For these very reasons, it shouldn’t only have one life to live. An infographic should be the gift that keeps on giving for your content strategy. So, how do you maximize its potential and increase its shelf life?

1. Invest in Quality

In order to repurpose and break down your infographics, they need to be deep enough so that you don’t repeat yourself. It’s well worth the extra time to invest in it and make it flawless.

2. Save Extra Research

When researching to create an infographic you will inevitably find some pieces which don’t quite fit your thesis. Set these aside for future infographics or blog posts.

3. Turn Images Into Facebook or Pinterest Posts

Typically, infographics are a list of facts with images to represent them. Consider dividing those facts into individual pictures, making it incredibly easy to later use each as a stand-alone graphic on visually-driven social media channels.

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4. Blog About Each Fact & Data Point

Another great idea is to expand on each point of the infographic with a full blog post surrounding that particular fact. Elaborate on each fact with additional research and new angles to add depth and new context.

5. Tweet Each Fact & Data Point

What are the most salient points and facts from your infographic? Tweet them and drive traffic back to the full infographic with a link.

6. Convert Your Infographic Into a Slideshow

Infographics might miss members of your audience who get most of their content through video. Put the facts from your infographic on separate slides and engage a new audience on a new medium.

7. Write an Opinionated Blog Post

Repost the infographic and write commentary on major points and findings. Inject your personality or add another perspective — it breathes new life and relevance to your original post. You can also add information on the back story of your infographic. Tell your audience why you created it and what the process entailed.

8. Follow-Up on News Surrounding the Infographic

Monitor news around the topic of your infographic. If the story advances significantly revisit the original post with additional context. You can also make it an annual piece of content that your audience will grow to expect from your brand.

9. Repurpose as an eBook

Use the stats and other data on your infographic to build a short eBook. You can use it as a giveaway when readers register at your site or list it for free on the Kindle store to drive site traffic. Repurposing high-quality content not only saves you time, but gives your imagination a good workout. The more you find creative ways to organize your content, the better you are at developing great ideas. How do you repurpose infographics? Share your thoughts with us below.

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