9 Vines That Make Any Day Feel Like Friday Afternoon


Vine has become a premiere destination for entertainment and culture. It’s most popular among Generation-Z, but still relevant, comical, and entertaining for older generations too. Many of the cultural and Internet trends we hear about originate from Vine.

You (or, most likely, teenagers you know) might once have said things like “On Fleek” or “Bae” or yell “What Are Those?!” for no reason. Well, there is a reason, and it’s because individuals on Vine created, contributed to, and amplified these memes to a viral peak.

Thanks to Vine, everyday brings us new 6-second videos to make us smile, laugh, and completely OMGROFLOL (yes, that’s “Oh My Gosh Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud” for anyone wondering).

1. This exercise you secretly want to do even if everyone is looking

2. Those moments you receive a terrible gift but don’t want to be rude

3. Three types of people you see at the bar over the holidays

4. Poor Ron, who can’t even sneeze without getting in trouble

5. This guy playing a recorder like a heavy metal guitarist

6. This little kid who is more confused than he is afraid

7. When playing with friends turns into the moment you give up for the day

8. The ski instructor who wants to be a giraffe

9. This lady’s music video expressing her love for guacamole

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