85+ Time-Saving Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts [Infographic]

Posted by Chelsea Hejny on 10 Mar 2015 / 0 Comment

Want to learn how to use your favorite social networks like a whiz kid? If so, look no further than today’s featured infographic from Setupablogtoday.com — a website that helps folks build and monetize their blogs.

Most computer users know basic keyboard shortcuts. My personal favorite is CTRL, SHIFT 4 (that’s the command for screenshot on a MacBook). But what I found from asking around is that not many people know about and/or use the keyboard shortcuts that work on the social platforms they frequent most. Hopefully today’s infographic will help change that.

To discover nearly one hundred time-saving social media keyboard shortcuts, check out the resource Setupablogtoday.com created below. And be sure to let us know in the comment section which social media shortcut you think is most useful.